Monday, October 28, 2013

Peninsular Point and Celebrating a Birthday…

Mexico Beach FL 009

Penninsular Point FL 005As our week in Mexico Beach comes to a close we can say without a doubt that we are really glad we came here and will likely come back this way in the future. What makes this part of Florida more unique is just how laid back it is.It's not crowded at all compared to our last stop in Panama City Beach. Businesses that cater to the tourist industry are as sparse as the people seen on the beaches here. The people we did meet seemed down to earth and very friendly.

Penninsular Point FL 004We visited a local watering hole called the Lookout Lounge for happy hour one day and met some people there. When asked about what it was like living in this area the only real negative we heard was that they see the same people at the same places and hear the same music performers… Sounds like a typical small town anywhere in America to me…  Now one thing that is confusing when living in Mexico Beach is that the town is divided between the Central Time Zone and the Eastern Time Zone. In fact the road Rustic Pines RV Park is on is the dividing point. So when we drive down 15th Street and turn right we are on Central Time, turn left and we are on Eastern Time. Makes it a bit tricky when hitting happy hours…

Penninsular Point FL 009After watching the Aggies and Johnny Manziel get a big win over Vanderbilt, we decided to check out the Peninsular Point area near San Blas, Florida. About a 30 minute drive over to the thin strip of land that juts out into the Gulf of Mexico we found ourselves looking at the powdery white sandy beaches of the gulf side and the brackish mashes on the St Joseph Bay side. Locating a public beach access we walked a mile or two along the beach.To us it seemed the ocean was a bit wilder but these waters appeared to be even clearer that the very clear waters near Mexico beach and Panama City.

Penninsular Point FL 010There were more shells along the beachfront and more birds milling about while they looking for a little sushi for dinner. If it weren’t for the condos nearby it felt as if we were on a deserted island. After finishing up our oceanside walk we strolled out on a boardwalk that extended way out into St Joseph Bay. There were snowy egrets everywhere piercing the clear waters with their sharp tipped bills attempting to skewer their dinner. Even the active Osprey in the brackish marshlands had scored a direct hit on a large fish and was cheerily announcing to the nest that dinner was on its way…

Mexico Beach FL 095Mexico Beach FL 087Penninsular Point FL 016Penninsular Point FL 011Penninsular Point FL 014

Leaving the peninsula we decided to revisit the Indian Pass Trading post. There was a fellow out on the front porch picking a guitar and singing some of his own songs… great lyrics but a very unpolished singer in our opinion. However, that didn’t stop us from entering the establishment and pouring our own drafts of a IPA for me and a  Red Ale for Sharon. After all this was Sharon’s birthday so we had a bit of celebrating to do. After a few libations we returned back to the park to visited their tiki bar. Yes, Rustic Pines RV Park has a tiki bar featuring live music on Tuesdays and Saturday’s. The same guys that played Tuesday were playing tonight and the sax player was stellar… We ordered up a bar pizza, had cold Yuenglings and sat back to enjoy the sounds…

Yep, this is a wonderful place to spend some time and for sure we will return someday… We are now camped at the Sunset Island and Yacht Club Resort in Carrabelle, Florida.


  1. Happy Birthday Mrs Heyduke sounds like you has a wonderful. Keep enjoying the warm sunny south.

  2. Beautiful area! Looks like you had a terrific birthday. Great place to celebrate that's for sure.

  3. A very happy birthday to Sharon. Looks like you celebrated it style.
    Just add this area to our list of places to visit

  4. Happy Birthday Sharon, looks like a great place to celebrate a birthday. Another place to add to our list of places to visit.

  5. Happy Birthday - watch out, you're catching up to me. Enjoy your stay in the Panhandle and best of luck next week.

  6. Looks like a fun birthday getaway! Happy Birthday!!!

    -Australia Business News

  7. Two time zones could make for an extra long happy hour! Happy birthday!

  8. Thank you all for the birthday wishes...feeling very blessed!