Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Scenic Drive over to Chappell Hill, Texas…


Chappel Hill TX 002

It has been a bonus year for wildflowers in and around Bryan/College Station… Usually by this time of year the wildflowers are waning quite a bit due to heat and especially since this area is about 5 inches behind in rainfall. But with the cooler overnight and daytime temperatures there seems to be waves of wildflowers. Some of the earlier bluebonnets flowers we saw are indeed starting to go to seed yet there are bluebonnets in their full glory even today!

Since the wildflowers were still blooming we decided to was a good day to go visit a friend of ours in Chappell Hill Texas as the road from here to there is usually full of wildflowers… and this trip was definitely not a disappointment!

Chappel Hill TX 007Chappel Hill TX 006

As we headed south from our RV park we noticed that the paintbrushes and bluebonnets were still abundant even though some of the more typical late spring and early summer wildflowers were starting to bloom adding a splash of yellow to the typical blues and reds.

Chappel Hill TX 010Chappel Hill TX 012


As we got into Chappell Hill there were fields of wildflowers and it was all we could do to not stop every tenth of a mile to take more pictures. But we eventually made our way to a meeting point with our friends in Chappell Hill, the 221 Bar… We  went there to meet with our daughter’s former softball coach who coached her 18 and under Gold Club ball team. While Katie played ball with him for several years we became really good friends. Not many parents can actually befriend a person who could impact whether or not your daughter would play or get a scholarship or not… But we did become friends despite this!

When we arrived at the bar Carol and Pete exchanged greetings with us and Pete mentioned to Carol we were the only parents that were still willing to talk with him… It was just like old times when we began chatting and the evening went by too quickly.

Green EyesEvening Primrose

Chappell Hill is a very small Texas town with a nice vibe and one definitely worth a visit. Whether it be to attend their annual Bluebonnet Festival  or just as a place to drive to while looking for wildflowers. The 221 Bar is definitely worth a stop as it also has a small artsy shop next door. Yep, another place we will have to return to next time we roll through Texas in the Springtime…


  1. In all our visits to Texas, we have never been to Chapel Hill. Love all the gorgeous photos of the flowers.

  2. We found Chapel Hill charming...we will have to check out 221 Bar next time.

  3. Just love the Texas wildflowers, we got to enjoy some a couple weeks ago. to early here yet for wildflowers.

  4. Had to drive down 45 to Conroe yesterday. Lots more wildflowers along there than here in Centerville.

    1. we head over to Lockhart tomorrow we re hoping for a few more weeks of wildflowers as we move westward...

  5. nothing like a field of Texas Bluebonnets to bring out the photographer in us all. . .nice pics!

    Chappel Hill is a pretty little town. . .


  6. The flowers are amazing! Thanks for all the lovely photos!

  7. Hey! That's my old stomping grounds. Lived in Brenham and started many a bicycle ride out of Chappell Hill. Glad you enjoyed it.

  8. Being in the field of Bluebonnets is a definite wish list for me. For now I will just have to enjoy your lovely photos. Love it.

  9. We have a friend who lives there. We need to get there one of these days.

  10. This is a part of TX we will definitely need to explore. Thanks for the beautiful photos. :)