Thursday, April 24, 2014

Goodbye Aggieland! Moving on down the road…

College Station TX part 5 036

College Station TX part 2 057Our month long stay has come to an end here in our former hometown of College Station, Texas. From here we will head a bit further southwest over to Lockhart, Texas. We sure enjoyed our stay  and will look forward to our next return. We were able to get our fill of Tex Mex foods and we were also able to visit all of our other favorite restaurants and taverns. The town sure has grown even larger in our short absence and much to our disdain it is starting to more resemble a city that a nice rural town. With the continued growth of Texas A&M University the Bryan College Station Metroplex will only get much larger than it is now…

College Station TX part 2 117  image

One of the best things about returning to our former hometown is the opportunity to reconnect with many of our friends from our past… We don’t usually go out of our way to see anyone until the final days start waning down. We do so mainly because we will usually see about three quarters of our good friends just by living here a month or as we make our way out and about. Oddly enough we met two old friends who happened to be driving  alongside our walking route. On those two occasions we heard our names being called and turned around to chat for awhile on the side of the road! Yes there were some friends we had hoped to see but didn’t yet there were other friends we didn’t expect to see and did…

College Station TX part 2 020Last Day BCS 038

We went to happy hours, out to eat, to social gatherings and even a few Easter parties while staying here.  We had a visit from our grandkids as well! We had some of our RV friends visit us while we were here and even had some friends from out of town stay overnight with us in our home. We always enjoy coming back for the opportunity to extend our many friendships marking yet another reason to return in the future.

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Much of our time was also spent on our list of full tilt Spring Cleaning chores (a much needed carpet shampooing) and ordering several needed items online.  Happily we were able to complete all 30 items on our list so we feel clean, stocked and ready to roll.

imageCollege Station TX part 3 002

Next up for us is Lockhart State Park for about three days for some camping with the grandkids. Then we have to move (since 3 days was all we could get) up near Canyon Lake for the next week and some more grandkid camping. Where we go form there is still unknown but we have picked our late summer destination target which is Glacier National Park. I guess I had better get around to doing some planning as to how we will get there since both Memorial Day and July Fourth will come before we know it and campsites will need to be reserved well ahead if possible.  Hope to see you on down the road…


  1. Your time in your former hometown sounds like ours. I always look forward to coming and just as much to leaving. We have the same college town growing to look like a city situation. It's sad to see as it loses its charm, at least here. Good thing we don't have 30 items on our list or we'd never get it all done in the 2 weeks we'll be here. Safe travels! Glacier is wonderful can't wait to see where you stay and for how long.

  2. So much fun reconnecting with family a friends. We are doing that now, and the majority of the summer.
    Keep enjoying your time on the road and travel safe.

  3. We'll be heading out of Texas to my hometown in a week or so.... your photos of your friends and good times make me even more excited about going "home" again. I see the bluebonnets are still blooming over there... they're still lovely here in Glen Rose as well. beautiful!

  4. We know why you are going to Lockhart as we learned about the place and visited there after your last journey there.

    1. then you know exactly why we are returning...

  5. Glad you had such a good time visiting your old home town. Each time we return to ours, I have to visit my favorite haunts and check out all the new changes in the town. Of course, the best part is reconnecting with old friends.

    Sure hoping to catch up with you in the month ahead. Does brisket from Smitty's freeze well? Hint. Hint.

    1. gee I wouldn't know as I have never had any leftovers ;)