Monday, December 8, 2014

A Great Game and a Great Beach Walk…


I just want to once again thank everybody who took the time to go to the Mission Bay RV Resort Facebook page to like our picture and help us win football tickets for the San Diego Charger/New England Patriot game.Sharon has come to love the Chargers and I really enjoy any opportunity to see great quarterbacks play so the opportunity to win tickets was too enticing for me to ignore.


The morning of the contest, I was on a mission so I posted a Charger pride picture per the contest specifications of Sharon in her Charger gear on the Mission Bay RV Resort Facebook page! The contest rules were that whoever posted a picture and received the most likes would win. Well with our readers of our blog, our own Facebook friends and our presence on RVillage I knew we had a good shot if we reached out to all of our virtual friends. And guess what? We won!!! Thank you, friends!

Mission Beach CA 005Mission Beach CA 013

Yesterday was game day and since some friends of ours staying in the park were also going to the game we hitched a ride with them. This Sunday Night game was a blast even though the home team,San Diego Chargers, came up on the short end of the scoreboard. What fun we had and what a great experience we had all thanks to our friends and to Mission Bay RV Resort for the tickets. I am pretty sure this is the first thing I ever won and what a great prize it was.

 Mission Beach CA 011 Mission Beach CA 008

Other than Charger game excitement ,we are continuing to enjoy our stay here and have expanded our quest for walks along scenic areas. One such walk was a beach stroll down Ocean Beach. We  drove north up the coast and pulled into a parking spot to get out and walk the beach. The beautiful thing about California is that they are blessed with lots of magnificent beaches and Ocean Beach is yet another one of many along its gorgeous shoreline..

Mission Beach CA 015

We will have more excitement this week as our daughter who is finishing up her first year of her Doctorate in Physical Therapy will be arriving here on Thursday. We are so looking forward to her visit and can’t wait to show her all the great places we have discovered in and near sunny San Diego.


  1. We stayed in Mission Bay RV Resort last December, and our daughter has lived in Sunset Cliffs for many years, which is just past Ocean Beach. Unless my concept of the area has gone completely wacko, to go from MBRR to Ocean Beach, you go south and west, not north.

  2. As we were checking out our spot at Mission Bay Sunday night, I was wondering how the voting went. You were way in the lead when I voted so I was hoping it stayed that way. Congratulations! Sunday night football on the west coast is perfect, no late night:)

    We arrive the 15th and will be in #43. Stop by and say hello when you get a chance. Our daughter doesn't arrive til the 25th.

  3. Sounds like a great prize and glad you enjoyed the game.

  4. Congratulations on your win and so glad that you enjoyed the game even if they didn't win.