Saturday, December 20, 2014

Loving our Time in San Diego…


Wow, it is hard to believe that Katie has already been here for a week and that Christmas is only a few days away. Not to mention our two month stay here in San Diego will also come to an end in about two weeks. This had me thinking about all we have done in our time here and things yet to be done.

Just before Katie came to visit we had dinner with a couple we met through RVillage. We first met for a walk around the Liberty Station area and stopped for a light lunch at the Stone Brewery. A week or so later they invited us over to dinner at their home.. They have a very nice home sitting on the hillside overlooking Mission Bay, the airport and much of north side of San Diego. We had a fabulous dinner with Dave and Patty and as an extra bonus they invited us to help adorn their Christmas tree with ornaments.

Sand Diego phone pics 006

Since we have been on the road nearly four years we have not had a tree nor had this experience. What a treat it was to place ornaments on their tree and what a neat thing for them to invite us to share with them. To cap off the evening Dave offered us four passes to the San Diego Zoo (where he works)! Wow, what a special treat that was. Why did we get four passes? Dave knew we would have Katie here with us and that her roommate who has never been to California will fly in after Christmas to stay for 5 days until we leave here. Four people, four tickets…how awesome! We just couldn't thank him enough... Thanks Dave!

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After our visit to the market we walked around Little Italy and discovered some cool art embedded in the sidewalk in front of one of the business. I simply had to walk around the block and find all the cool little Italian art pieces I could find.

imageSand Diego phone pics 052

Another fun outing once Katie arrived was to take her over to the Little Italy farmer’s market. We feel it is a must do in San Diego. Just about everything imaginable is offered there and many vendors offer tastes or samples of their products. Some mighty unique and tasty food can be found at this market. We saw one vendor selling sea urchin ceviche to customers. I saw one fellow buy one and I asked him what it tasted like. I expected him to tell me but instead he offered us all of a small taste. It tasted a little like a fish mousse to Sharon who thought it was ok whereas Katie did not like it at all. But we felt, nothing ventured… nothing gained.

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In addition to our beautiful walks right outside our park on both sides of the Bay, we have enjoyed taking Katie to Pacific Beach which is just a short drive away.  With some of the strong storms battering the northwestern states we have had some really big waves come into this area. After our ocean walks there we have on several occasions visited the Guava Beach Bar at happy hour for some tasty craft beers as Katie enjoys craft beer, too.  It has been fun to show Katie our favorite haunts!

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We still have lots to do here in beautiful San Diego. It has been a bit chilly here lately but another warm up is on the way so we are making a list of several new things to see and do...


  1. Glad you mentioned the Little Italy Farmers Market. Someone commented on our blog that we needed to check it out. So I was thinking about that for today! The sea urchin does nothing for me. But seems to be very popular around here.

    So great to finally meet up in person. We are looking forward to more sunset chats while we are here together:)

    1. The Farmer's Market is a must do... Parking is a pain so park 4-5 blocks away and walk in... I know you're not afraid of a little hiking...

  2. Just enjoying the area is great. Now 4 passes to the zoo, great deal, we loved it there and Little Italy too.

  3. How wonderful that Katie can come for such an extended period of time and that you can spend such a long time in one spot and get to know it so well. If we ever get to San Diego I think we'll have to have you give us a list of all the wonderful things you've found to do. The Pacific Coast is still on our list and really is the only section of the country we haven't been to with Winnona. I lived in Encino, CA in a past life. Happy Holidays to you three.

  4. How nice of your new friends to invite you to help decorate their tree, and passes for all to the zoo...rv folks are the best. If we ever get to that area will have to go back and reread your posts from there, looks like a great farmers market. Happy Holidays to you all.

  5. Sure enjoy our hometown and miss it. Enjoy the Zoo, we were there in October and it was great.