Monday, April 13, 2015

Last of the family time and meeting RV friends…

Lockhart State Park 007

Our nine day stay to visit our grandkids is coming to a close here at Canyon Lake and, man, it has been busy with the youngsters… They camped with us both weekends and we made a two day trip over to their house in San Antonio mid week to see them in their normal routine

While in San Antonio we also decided to do an April Thanksgiving dinner since we missed the last several years of turkey dinners. We roasted a turkey, made my homemade cornbread dressing, green bean casserole and all the sides including deviled eggs… a family favorite. We had a blast at their house helping them with homework, bowling with them on their Xbox, watching them ride bikes and just visiting. Luckily we escaped most of the rain forecasted during our 9 day stay as the rain only interrupted our outdoor plans the last day this past Sunday.


Our first year of full timing our son Jason and his wife Kelly enjoyed some free time while we took the kids to stay with us.  After that first year the annual visits now include JJ and Kelly as they have come to love camping too!  The adults take the fold out airbed while the kids enjoy our sleeping bags on pallets in the living room.  It might be a little cramped but what fun we all have much so that now JJ and Kelly are thinking about purchasing a camper!  We all appreciate the quality time together here at Canyon Lake!

Lockhart State Park 003image

Lake Pointe RV resort has become the perfect location as we have the lake to hike to and skip rocks at, there is a movie room, book exchange, playground, swimming pool, swap table, dollar Blue Bell ice cream on weekends and of course plenty of very tame deer that will eat out of your hand.  It is also close to some beautiful hill country drives around the Guadelupe River where on one of the days we weren't visiting the kids we shared some quality time with some fellow full timers we briefly met at Quartzite.  We had a blast with Tina and Jeff (who have a blog called RV Travels with Tina and Jeff) as we became fast friends having so much in common.  What an enjoyable afternoon we had with much so that we were surprised at the time when we hopped back in the car....sorry Tina and Jeff if we overstayed...we sure had fun!


We caught a break between storms so we let the kids ride from our site to the front of the RV park where there was more room to hook up the CRV.  They really wanted to experience what it was like rolling down the road all packed up with the slides in… They really seemed to enjoy that short but exciting ride… As we said our goodbyes we hit the road as it once again began to drizzle. We only had a short 41 miles to drive as we headed east towards Lockhart State Park. We will be staying in Lockhart for three days to see if we can get our fill of some really awesome Texas BBQ… stay tuned…


  1. What a wonderful time you had with family and friends. Looks like that was the perfect park for your visit.

  2. We really like Tina and Jeff too. They're super people. Sure wish I could taste some of that Lockart barbecue!

  3. I never thought about someone enjoying the ride with the slides in, I think they just enjoy it.

  4. Such wonderful family time and meeting up with fellow rv'ers.
    Enjoy Lockhart and real Texas BBQ.

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