Thursday, September 24, 2015

Stopping by for a visit to our daughter…


imageWe sure enjoyed our brief stay at the North River Campground in Shawboro, NC. This great little Passport America park was the perfect location for us to explore the Outer Banks. We really didn’t do much on our last day other than relax and enjoy the afternoon. The park is set up such that all the RV sites are parked around a large pond in the center. They have a big fountain in the center of the pond making it quite relaxing to sit outside.

As the next day rolled around we packed up headed south. Our next stop will give us the chance to visit our daughter Katie. There really aren’t many good RV parks around where she lives. One place we like to stay is the Raleigh fairgrounds but they have not only increased their price, all of the weekends were full due to events. Therefore, we selected another Passport America park as close as we could get. Dickens RV Park is a no frills park where most of the RV’'er’s here are working at one of the nearby plants but it is quiet and close to Katie so it is where we will be for a while.

imageThe drive over to the park was uneventful (just the way we like it) and we set up in short order. We drove over to watch a fall softball game at Campbell University. It was fun reminiscing about the days we came to watch our daughter play at Campbell. Katie and her roommate met us at the game and we really enjoyed the day watching us some softball. One of Katie’s former teammates was also in the stands and we chatted with her as she is pregnant and due in about 6 weeks.

We had packed a few items to spend the night at Katie's so after the game we drove to her house. Katie had a request for me to make her favorite “all fried” dinner. Although it is not really a healthy meal it sure is a tasty one! The “all fried” dinner consisted of panko fried zucchini, mushrooms, onion rings and our stash of sweet Louisiana shrimp. We were also set to meet her new boyfriend for the first time so I also made some Texas toothpicks (fried strips of jalapeno peppers). Her boy Brooks didn’t care too much for the jalapenos but everybody got plenty full before the end of the evening.


We will be here until the 28th and then move either toward the NC mountains or south if the weather gets too chilly…


  1. Enjoy your time there with Katie, so nice to catch up again.
    The "all fried "just wonderful and occasionally we can get away with it.

  2. What fun being with Katie again. Have fun...enjoy the adventure.

  3. Glad you got to spend some time with Katie:) She is such a wonderful young lady. Glad we got to meet her in San Diego. I do believe you were on your way back to the MH on her last day there with her roommate to make the all fried dinner!!! It sure does sound good:)

  4. Pretty sweet for Katie, dad comes to visit and cooks dinner! Sounds delicious except I think I'd be with Brooks on the jalapenos. :-)

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