Sunday, December 20, 2015

Friends and Fun in Florida…


It sure is a lot of fun having Katie here but before she came we were also having a lot of fun with our RV friends who have landed in the same location as us. We first met Terry and Jeri in Quartzite Arizona and really enjoyed their company. Now we are both here in Bonita Springs at the same time. Even better a couple they know whom we had heard about also came with them and are also staying in the same park as us.


So what should six RV’ers that all have something in common do? We’ll have a happy hour of course! Jeri texted us one day and said that there was going to be a get together at either their place or Janice and Jerry’s place. We hadn’t met Jerry and Janice yet so we were definitely in for this get together. Later we learned the get together was going to feature a low country boil as well as some seared scallops. Wow!! Sharon made her really fabulous homemade artisan bread and we brought a nice bottle of wine.

imageKayaking Lovers Key SP 002

We all gathered at Jerry and Janice’s place and where we had a great time sharing stories, laughter and great food. I can say that this is one of the best parts about RV’ing… making friends with others who share a common interest. Before we retired we had our own group of close friends but the friends we have made on the road have been wonderful in that we have so much in common. Do we still love our friends from back home? Of course we do but we would not trade the experience of meeting these wonderful new people who, like us, love this lifestyle.

Kayaking Lovers Key SP 006

We had so much fun in our get together we decided to plan a nice kayak outing. The next morningl we loaded up and were on our way.  The plan was to rendevous with anther couple who our friends knew but we hadn’t met yet. We all arrived at the originally planned kayak outing spot and started to take the ropes off securing the kayaks when after some discussion we decided to try a different spot.


Kayaking Lovers Key SP 012

So we piled back into the truck and moved further south until the kayaks all decided to take flight and flew out of the back of the truck! Yikes! We have the least expensive kayak of everyone but ours was the only one that escaped undamaged. Our Sevylor Kayak may cost less than 100 bucks but Sharon and I can both paddle with ease and this inexpensive kayak is really all we need.Terry and Jerri had to rent one as theirs suffered catestophic damage and Jerry and Janice had to make some minor patches on theirs. After all the excitement we all finally entered the paddling trail at Lover's Key State Park!

Kayaking Lovers Key SP 008Kayaking Lovers Key SP 009

It had been a while since we kayaked but we had no issues with our “toy boat” and had a blast  floating with friends among the mangroves. Lots of birds were hanging out in the thickets and there were even a few fishermen out all proclaiming that the fish were biting. Too bad I didn’t have my rod and reel with me. Nevertheless we had a really fun day on the water and look forward to kayaking again sometime soon, hopefully amongst some manatees next time!


  1. What a wonderful, fun time y'all have had. Wish we could have joined you. Merry Christmas

  2. Low Boil Happy Hours sounds perfect!! The bread is beautiful, Sharon:) Kayaking with friends is so much fun. Not sure if you have kayaked with the manatee in Manatee Park in Fort Myers, but it is a great time. We rented kayaks and went with Steve and Mona Lisa.

  3. It has been fun and just think ... we have one more month together. That means more food, more dog races, pickleball and kayaking. We've enjoyed the time we've spent with you and look forward to lots more adventures!