Saturday, January 26, 2019

Test Blog–SOLVED OLW 400 and 404 errors


Okay I finally got Open Live Writer (OLW) to work… here is what I did…

First get the patch for OLW 0.6.3 and run the setup file.

You then need to open the file location where Open Live Writer is installed, you can do this by right mouse clicking on open live writer, then click on properties and then finally click on Open File Location. Once you are in the OLW directory locate the file named update.exe and either rename it or simply delete it. What this does is fix the patched OLW from opening multiple instances.

Lastly go into Google Photos and look at your albums. If you were like me you have many albums named Open Live Writer. Look to see if each of the albums are shared. If they aren’t shared simply rename the album i.e. I renamed mine Open Live Writer 1

Try a test post and if you are lucky like me OLW will finally work again.

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