Saturday, January 26, 2019

Having Fun in Southwestern Florida…

We are still enjoying the mostly great weather here in southwest Florida. It has already  been  nearly two months now and the time is passing by quickly. While we haven't been doing a whole lot other than enjoying our park and friends, we have found time amongst our busy days (tongue in cheek) to enjoy a hike or two.


The Gordon River Greenway Park did a great job of listing information about many of the plants on plaques alongside the trail. We spotted some wild cotton and loved seeing the reddish immature True Bugs (top photo) crawling around one of the wild cotton balls. We saw lots of birds and since it is Florida there were various wildflowers blooming adding a splash of color along the trail as well.


We also made it over to the Naples Greyhound Track to bet on the dogs on the twice monthly Dollar Days venue happening on the 1st and 3rd Fridays when the track sells hotdogs, popcorn soda and beer for $1.00. That’s right for $5 you can get two hotdogs, two beers and still tip the help a buck.  We aren’t huge gamblers but betting $2 per race allows us some cheap entertainment especially when we actually win.


This is the last year in Florida for the Greyhound Races since the voters voted to ban greyhound racing starting next year. I guess there will be a lot of dogs available for adoption as well as a lot of unemployed folks at these huge empty race tracks. It will be interesting to see what becomes of the greyhound tracks in Florida.


We also have been having a grand time socializing with both our snowbird friends from the north and our RV friends we have met along our travels across the USA. There are many opportunities for social activities and happy hours including a very fun street dance. We were lucky enough to have our site adjacent to the street dance so our friends brought over their chairs and we had a nice crowd in front of our RV dancing the night away.49845059_10156135684061139_499975072753123328_n

One of our favorite activities is re-uniting with RV friends and this time it was with Steve and Mona Lisa whom we traveled into Mexico with a few years ago. We met them at the Brass Tap for a few beverages and snacks while discussing our future plans. We had a great time seeing them  and will do so again before they leave this area.

With a little over one month remaining for our winter stay I have begun planning our trek toward Louisiana and Texas and as many of you may have guessed, I am starting to get a little hitch itch again…

NOTE: We are now at our winter site for the season in Bonita Springs, Florida…

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