Sunday, December 15, 2019

Having Some Fun In San Diego, CA…


I still have a bit of catching up to do on the blog. After the first 10 or so days of nice weather we fell into a pattern of chilly days with wet and rainy weekends. It’s okay with us when it rains on the weekends as we rarely venture out on weekends leaving them for the working folks to enjoy. It is the weekdays we get out and about…


One of our favorite sights to visit in the greater San Diego area is La Jolla. The shoreline in La Jolla is a scenic beauty. The craggy cliffs hide coves where seals and sea lions lay out on the large black boulders sunning their bodies to get warm.

The water temperature was in the low sixties and with daytime temperatures not much higher we didn’t don our wetsuit shorties and flippers to go snorkeling with the seals this year. Nevertheless simply strolling along the shoreline in La Jolla is still one of our favorite California pastimes.


One of the benefits of staying at Mission Bay RV park is the close proximity of places to bike and walk. There are great walks along the water adjacent to the park at Mission Bay Park. When it isn’t raining we will usually make our way out to the park for a mile or so walk each morning.


There won’t be a lot of hiking for us (more biking) as my knee has been a bit painful so much so that when we were in College Station Texas I had a steroid injection into it for pain relief. The down side of steroid injections is that they recommend you don’t get more than four per year. That would be great except each injection doesn’t offer four months of pain relief.


While in San Diego I recently had my second injection and I will admit these injections offer wonderful pain relief for by bone-on-bone knee pain! There is little doubt that a knee replacement is in my near future. That and the fact I will turn 65 next summer and have to go on Medicare means I need to decide soon if I want to get it done before or after I go on Medicare.


One fun encounter I should mention is that we finally met up with Jeff and Fran, who both are from San Diego. Jeff pens a blog called Ruffin it with Rufus. His blog is a great resource for those who like to hike in San Diego as he writes about the trails and some of the history of the area. We met Jeff and Fran in Old Town at a quaint little Mexican eatery, Casa De Maria, where we shared stories. It was great to finally visit with them after missing out on previous meet up opportunities over the years. Thanks for lunch Jeff and Fran! It was great fun!

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NOTE: We are currently in San Diego CA until Dec. 28th before spending the rest of the winter in Arizona…


  1. Your post could be a 'Chamber of Commerce' add for America's Greatest City. We certainly enjoyed our lunch with you and Sharon! My kid brother and his wife are now visiting and we took them to Casa de Maria today, sitting at the same table.
    I still hope we can squeeze in another visit before you move on.

  2. Such a fun time you enjoyed there so nice to meet Jeff a super fellow and love his blog . we me him ( not Fran though) last winter in Borego Springs when he was out and about.
    Lovee your pictures and tour of the area.

  3. With you on the “who cares if it rains on the week-ends” attitude. I’m not much for big cities but you sure make San Diego look mighty nice. If it just weren’t for all those other folks milling around. Ha! Really sorry to hear about your knee. This past year I’ve been seriously out of touch so I didn’t know. Zip file worked but it opens multiple versions of OWL. Maybe I'm not destined to use this now that I have Windows10.