Sunday, December 12, 2021

Our First Time House Sitting…


As mentioned in previous blogs we have been investigating house sitting as a means to travel part time once we finish with our RV lifestyle. While in Phoenix we joined Trusted Housesitters, went through the vetting process and found our first gig. This assignment sadly fell through but we continued looking and while in Tucson we found one in Queen Creek that coincided with a medical follow up appointment John had for his eye in Phoenix. Perfect! Luckily we were accepted and began corresponding with the homeowners regarding their expectations for caring for their home and pets.


We were excited to learn that we would be caring not only for the home but for 2 boxers named JoJo and Doug. Our son has had three boxers so we know the breed to be very loveable and energetic. We had the option of spending the night before their departure or arriving the morning of. We chose the morning of so we packed the night before, woke up early and drove over.

Upon ringing the doorbell we heard the dogs welcome us with a little barking but as the door opened the lady of the house commanded them to “place” which meant they were to sit beside the couch until she released them with the command to “break”. We were very impressed because knowing boxers we knew it had to be difficult for them to contain their excitement.


We received a tour of the home and some last minute instructions. We had the choice of two guest bedrooms and would have our own bathroom. The house was beautiful with a resort like feel. The large backyard had a pool, outdoor kitchen, party lights and a gas fireplace. It was beautiful! Once the owners left we began loving on our two charges. They immediately indicated they wanted to play fetch so we happily obliged. They each have their own toy and will fetch until they are too tired to take one more step. We took turns taking them outside for play and watched as they entered the pool a few times too! I sent pictures and videos throughout the stay at the homeowner's request. It was fun!


The home was a smart home so sometimes we would hear Alexa command the robo vacuum each day. Thankfully the couple likes to cook at home as we do so we had all the cooking utensils we needed. Mealtimes for the dogs were twice a day and they were so good at the commands we were instructed to give. First we told them to sit as they watched us prepare their bowls then we would place the bowls in the designated eating areas and first told JoJo to “break” and then Doug to “break” . The dogs waited patiently until hearing the command and I filmed it with the owners permission as I wanted to show my son how awesome these two boxers were!


We had a blast and the time passed quickly. We left feeling great about our first real sit. The homeowners gave us a 5 star rating and we did a 5 star review for them as well. It felt like a great getaway and once we were back at home I think both John and I missed our two new fur buddies!

NOTE: We have now left Tucson AZ heading to San Antonio for the Christmas holidays…


  1. Congrats on your first housesitting gig! The boxers look like a fun pair to enjoy. Did you have to store your rig?

    1. No we were in a monthly stay in Tucson and drove over to Queen Creek.

  2. Happy to hear that you and John had such a positive and successful experience your first time out, Sharon - good for you! It sounds like the pups had a delightful "playcation" with the two of you. Hope your next gig is another five star experience!

    1. After experiencing our first one we now know there will be others...

  3. That is a great way to get a doggie fix.