Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wow has it been 18 months already?


Funny how time sneaks up on you… When we were living in our sticks and bricks home back in Texas we were often reminded how fast time flies by seeing someone's children when it had been 10 or 12 months since the last time we saw them. They would be much taller, more mature, etc. But when you travel in a motorhome and move from place to place 18 MONTHS AS A FULLTIMER 004there is no time ruler other than a calendar. And there it was… September 3rd… 18 months to the day when we hit the road as full timers…

One of our pacts as full timers is to sit down after each six month period as full timers to reflect and evaluate where we are as individuals and as partners. To seal this deal we usually have this discussion while having a nice at home dinner along with a very nice bottle of wine….

After dinner and a couple of glasses of wine the questions begin…

  • So what did you think about the last six months?
  • What were the best and worst things we experienced as full timers?
  • So do we still want to do this full timing thing?
  • What do we want to do over the next 6 months?
  • Have we succeeded in finding a place where we might want to eventually settle down?
  • What could make our experience in full timing better?


To sum it up, we agreed we both still want to full-time in the motorhome as we have yet to feel the need to settle down nor have we found our “ideal” location. However, Sharon shared that she feels that some of the “shine has worn off” for her in the lifestyle lately. Her experience in the desert and the West Coast did not really live up to her elevated expectations. I suggested perhaps her accidental Oceanside Beach CA 013fall, the surgery and rehab sure didn’t help!  For my part, I can find solace in the beauty and wonder of nature wherever we go.  Sharon, on the other hand, is more temperature sensitive, really likes green rather than brown expanses and has not been happy her activities were curtailed by her fracture.

She also voiced that it makes her happier to be in parks with some amenities such as nice places to walk, bike or to at least have enough space at the site for her yoga and weight lifting exercises.In other words if we are able to stay in a really nice park, it can make her experience just as happy as mine even in the brown desert. I had to agree that tightly packed parking lot type parks with no amenities are less fun to stay at for more than a couple of nights. We discussed that both of us like a mixture of stays by choosing the solitude of natural parks interspersed with stays at more social RV resorts. We also discovered we really miss our “date nights” which have been fewer and farther between because of the budget crunch caused by the expense of the West Coast and our unexpected medical bills… but this too shall pass.

18 MONTHS AS A FULLTIMER 005In dedicating the time to ask and answer the questions we gained insight and feel better equipped to enhance our experience by compromising or tweaking things a little to make sure we are both on the same page.  I think we emerged with somewhat of a plan for the next six months but of course it is all contingent upon the urgency of  repair for the water leak and whether it can be done here or in Red Bay. We will know more after our diagnostic appointment at LaMesa RV in San Diego in couple weeks.

We did find a home for a month in San Diego at Mission Bay RV Resort whose off-season monthly rates begin 9/15/2012 the day we plan to arrive. Here it is all about location and its proximity to San Diego, a city we yearn to explore…


  1. Wow, 18 months goes by quickly! I sure remember all of the posts when you were trying to decide what type of RV to purchase.

    We are starting our 60th month since selling our house. Five years ago this past weekend we put it up for sale. No regrets.

  2. We are at 5 mo anniRVersary today and we have a meeting I think every 6 hours on your topic, LOL. I think an influence for us is WHERE you start your journey--in our case, the beautiful Hill Country of Texas,that seems to tug on our heart strings more often than we would have forecasted and seems to be calling for our return. We will get back to you in 6 hours :)

  3. What a great idea, to talk about it this way. Of course we talk about our past and present and future plans, but maybe not as comprehensively as this committed talk time. Nice idea, and you sound as thought you are really understanding what works for you.

  4. I like your discussion plan. Perhaps we should all indulge in something similar whatever our lifestyle.

    It can be surprising how out of touch you can get even when living together and sharing all things..... except toothbrushes.

    Sharron's accident and how you coped is all part and parcel of life and you will look back on those months differently as they become more distant history.

    !8 months is a good stretch to know what you like best. You have many wonderful memories already with more to come. Good you can make the most of these experiences.


  5. Congrats on 18 months! We will be in Texas this winter. Will you two be back there?

  6. Congrats on making it 18 months!!!! We miss y'all like crazy though ;)

  7. That's a terrific idea, to have a discussion every 6 months. Keep everything out in the open :) It's amazing how fast time flies. All our planning and dreaming for the last 3 years is all coming down to the next 3 weeks now!

  8. We, too, have the continuing discussion about where would we live if we weren't in the RV. So far we've ruled out anything east of Santa Fe, but that's about the extent of selection process. I doubt if the Pacific Northwest would be in the running due to their wet autumn/winter/spring season. So what's left? California has the climate, but the prices!! We'll have to give it up someday, but not yet.

  9. Just found your blog. My husband is 58 and will be retiring at 62. We just started talking this weekend about selling everything and buying a motor home to travel with our Harley along with us. :)
    We have a lot of research to do before making a final decision. Your blog will be helpful.
    Have fun,

  10. I can't remember how I've landed here but I'm so glad I did! I hit my six months September 25th and have rented a motel room in Coos Bay, Oregon to do exactly what you have done. Loved your questions to yourself...


    Interesting how we wanderers are so much alike in many ways... nice to meet you! ;)