Wednesday, September 12, 2012

La Jolla, Wind and Sea Beach…


102_9731Well as chilly as it has been all along the west coast we both agree that we may have finally found summer… right here in the southern reaches of California in San Diego. Warm weather, warm water, beautiful beaches… yep, this is it!

Here at Santa Fe RV Park we are in a great location with a really nice pool and hot tub however there is lots of street traffic on nearby Interstate5. I read reviews for this park and the biggest complaint was the noise on I5. Yes, there has been non-stop traffic on the road but it has been more like white noise to us and therefore not a bother as it has just blended in with the sounds of our air conditioner and fan. However if you like windows open at night it probably would be very distracting.

102_9733The reason we selected this park other than the amenities was the proximity to the beaches nearby. On our list of places to check out was La Jolla Beach. Our first venture out was a short drive from the park to neighborhoods near the beach. We discovered that one block from the beach parking is free and unlimited in duration along the curbside anywhere not painted red.

102_9728Not only did we want to check out the beach we also wanted to see some of the homes and architecture in the area. Greater San Diego prides itself for its architecture so Sharon found a two mile hike through the neighborhoods that would give us an opportunity to see what it had to offer. With “cheap” homes in this area commanding upwards of $400,000 it was interesting to see how small some of those homes were (I assume the land is worth $400,000 and the home just happens to still be there). Of course there were also many larger homes worth in the millions and we even saw a home formerly owned by a former owner of the San Diego Chargers.

102_9729As our walk took us to the beach we noticed that right along the beach there is a heavily enforced two hour parking limit so we were happy we had discovered our free, time unlimited spot just one block in so we could enjoy our walk without worrying about time spent. We saw plenty of good pocket beaches and sandstone cliffs at the beach. Much of the sandstone has been carved by mother earth and she has left behind some very interesting artistic pieces. It was fun to pause and watch as the waves rolled in and around the rocks creating pools and mini waterfalls. We are happy to see there are plenty of hikes in and around San Diego and are excited to return to do more in the days ahead.…

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  1. Born and raised in San Diego...we sure miss it, especially this time of year. Enjoy!