Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mission Beach, San Diego, CA…

Mission Bay sailboats

Mission Bay Walk Mission Beach is a narrow strip of beaches between Mission Bay Park, where we are staying, and the Pacific Ocean. Mission Beach is also adjacent to a hip little neighborhood called Pacific Beach. This area is accessible to us with an easy bike ride of less than three miles, or a short drive with free roadside parking (2 hr. limit) or a longer walk.

Whether you walk around the edge of Mission Bay Park or walk along the oceanfront sidewalk there is lots to see and do in this area. We found an online walking tour that started bayside at the ZLAC Rowing Club which, started in 1892, makes it the oldest women’s rowing club in America!

Mission Bay homeMission Bay limes

Mission Bay homeFrom here we walked across the footbridge alongside many bay front homes of varying styles of architecture. Most of these homes appeared to be rentals and few appeared as if people actually lived in them. Even the rentals were nicely landscaped and we saw one house with a front porch that had a small lime bush brimming with fresh limes… great place to have a Corona or Cuba Libre I would think. There were sidewalks perpendicular to the bay walk leading in amongst cottages and flowers that were very appealing and beckoned us to walk in to explore.

The Bay was beautiful as sailboats and paddle boarders were enjoying the sunny day. Across the way we could see the Mission Bay Yacht Club. Before long we had reached the Belmont Parkmain road of Mission Boulevard and across the boulevard  a large roller coaster sat idle. The roller coaster is part of the Belmont Park amusement center of which we chose not to visit. Crossing Mission Boulevard past the amusement park we found the sidewalk parallel to a wide sandy beach and the Pacific Ocean.

Lots of interesting people were seen on the sidewalk such as rollerbladers, joggers, skateboarders, bums and tourists scattered all along the walkway… This oceanfront sidewalk is also dotted with some very interesting condos and cottages. Again most are vacation rentals but several along the walkway were very interesting to look at. The loop walk that included both the bay and the oceanside views made for a very enjoyable afternoon.

Sinbads CafeAt nearby Pacific Beach we found a small tavern called Sinbad's Café and Hookah Bar. I had read they had a nice happy hour and sure enough they were serving one of California's crafted beers called Arrogant Bastard for $2.25 a draft. After a couple of cold drafts we headed back to the Mission Bay and enjoyed the sunset from our front porch…


  1. That is were my grandson sail. If you see kids out in groups with small
    boats they are probably from the Mission Beach Yatch Club.

  2. Arrogant Bastard. Interesting name for a beer! Was it good?

  3. Arrogant Bastard...a distant cousin of Fat Bastard beer? Love all the names that beer is named :)

  4. I think SD is only of the prettiest places in CA. It seems so clean and fresh. Those houses are really unique.

  5. Love San Diego, great that you are enjoying it.

  6. Another great area to visit , and love tasting all those craft beers.

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  8. Taking a walk by the bay with the waves crashing at one's feet may be a scene that people see on the movie but this beach can actually make this come true.