Tuesday, September 24, 2013

An Day in Nashville, TN…

Nashville TN 022

Nashville TN 021Thursday night Nashville RV Country RV Park where we are staying held a catered Fried Chicken and Pulled Pork dinner along with live music. We decided to forego the dinner as in those situations we tend to overeat. We did however carry our chairs over to hear the music. The local musician did not bring a band but instead had his wife with him providing backup music much like the ones at most Karaoke nights. Because of this we did not hold out much hope for an enjoyable evening but eventually he won us over even to the point that Sharon had me out there dancing some. We had a few adult beverages with us and under the stars we indeed had a great night…

Nashville TN 020Of course when in Nashville on Friday, we felt we must venture downtown to stroll music row. It is fun walk around and people watch while listening to local music wafting from the varied establishments. Unfortunately for us the day we chose this stroll was the day Taylor Swift’s Red Tour had arrived. Lining two sides of the street alongside Bridgestone Arena were many huge 18 wheelers lined up bumper to bumper with the equipment necessary for this spectacular show. It better be spectacular as the least expensive ticket we could find was $110.00. Needless to say this was not in our budget although I am sure Sharon would have enjoyed it as she is a fan.

Nashville TN 023Because of the show there were many, many extra people downtown mainly between the ages of 17 to 25. Excitement filled the air but on this unusually hot day, it was stifling. As a result we only strolled up and down the street a couple of times people watching. We decided it best to come back another day to walk around town a bit more.

Nashville TN 024Saturday we decided to head over to Centennial Park and take in some of the music that is provided free every Saturday in September. Another plus at Centennial Park is the replica of the Parthenon. This all by itself is a sight worth seeing. We have visited it before on other trips to Nashville but it was still fun to walk around it. Boy was this park busy as not only was there a free music concert ,but there was also a Dog Festival, a Farmer’s Market and at least two Quincenerias. People were everywhere! So after a nice walk and some time spent enjoying the live music we headed over for a few adult beverages at Yazoo Brewery.

Nashville TN 046

There are several Breweries here in Nashville but my online research suggested this was the best one for the type of beers we liked. We saddled up to the bar and Sharon got her now customary Stout and I had my tradition IPA. We tried a few of their crafted beers and found them to be enjoyable but in our opinion they were not quite the  quality of those we enjoyed on the west coast and in Michigan.

I have finally decided that we will likely be going through Alabama on our necessary Mayo stop in Jacksonville in November so I had better figure out where we will be staying soon as we plan to head outta here on Wednesday….


  1. we only did a brief cursory tour of Nashville, as we were with friends who had been there many times before, and weren't really interested in anything. . .bummer.

    I am bookmarking you post for later perusal on our return. . .thanks for sharing. . .love the replica of the Parthenon. . .that will be high on my list of things to see.

  2. Do you think the brews made the music better?

    You almost sound resigned to have to go through Alabama. Just because A&M lost to them? Really?

  3. Looks like you two hit the jackpot in Centennial Park. How nice to have something for everyone.

  4. We liked the minimalist atmosphere of Yazoo's tap room -- all about the beer.

  5. A dog festival- Grace will be bummed she missed it.

  6. More fun time , always enjoy Nashville at various times of the year, and a few adult beverages sure is enjoyable too.

  7. Great post. Hopefully we will get to Nashville around mid October so catching up with the blog now helps with my planning. One of these days if we are in the same place we will have to meet up at a micro-brewery, we have similar tastes. :)