Thursday, September 26, 2013

Goodbye Nashville, TN, Hello Alabama…

Nashville TN 032

Nashville TN 028Our last few days in Nashville were mostly quiet as we just used the time to relax and catch up on some chores. We did run back downtown just to walk around one last time. It was much less crowded that last day we strolled around town. We had missed a little side street that we caught this time called Printers Alley and looked over the Tennessee Titans Football Stadium a bit more. From there we made our way back to our car to go visit Vanderbilt University.

Sundays are great for visiting universities since the parking is usually much easier to come by and often free as was the parking at Vanderbilt along the street. We had visited this campus before but simply love walking around it as we still think this is one of the more park like campuses in the USA. As we entered the main campus we could hear music. Funny about Nashville as there is live music nearly everywhere and even the worst bands here are often much better than most anywhere else.This was certainly the case with this band so we lingered quite awhile to enjoy many  a llively tune.They really made our campus tour all the more pleasant. After finishing our tour of the campus we decided to make our way over  to Trader Joe’s on the south side of Town.

Nashville TN 044      Nashville TN 027We always enjoy Trader Joe stops but forgot to check to see if wine was sold at this one.  It wasn’t as wines are not allowed to be sold in grocery stores, but beer can (darn it). We still picked up a few other cherished Trader Joe items and on the Nashville TN 026way home decided to take up an invitation to visit a friend I used to work with in College Station. My coworker and friend Gina retired and moved to Nashville. Through Facebook and email she invited us to come by anytime as she would be home all day. We did so and had a really nice time reminiscing and catching up on each other’s lives with Gina. She seemed very happy to be retired and home in Nashville near her family. Part of the reason we have loved this lifestyle is reconnecting with friends along the way. In fact we were also trying to hook up with some RV friends we met in the Rio Grande Valley before leaving on Wednesday but it just isn’t going to work out… so we will agreed we will just have to see them somewhere else further down the road.

Nashville TN 038Nashville TN 031

Tuesday morning it was time to leave Nashville and move south to our next destination some 137 miles away in Decatur, Alabama. Our next stop is a city park called Point Mallard Park where we plan to stay up to four days. The drive was uneventful (the way we like it) and when we finally pulled into the park we were able to look at all the sites to pick the one we wanted. We are in a beautifully wooded site right next to the bike trail. Happily it looks like a place we can relax and enjoy for the next several days…


  1. Growing up in NJ where NO alcohol is sold in grocery stores, it always surprises me to see beer, wine, etc. on grocery shelves.

    An uneventful drive is always a good thing.

  2. Sounds like a peaceful place. I never think about Alabama in our travel plans unless it's time for a stop in Red Bay!

  3. Uneventful driving days are always good, enjoy you time there!

  4. Another park ro check out when we hit alabama. Its great when the bike trail is right there. We are parked next to a trail here at Table Rock SP near Branson MO. Makes for convenient biking and hiking.