Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fox Ridge State Park, Charleston, IL…

Fox Ridge SP IL 005

Fox Ridge SP IL 007When we left northern Wisconsin we figured we were in for an early fall so we started migrating like the geese and headed south. Who would have known that while we had temperatures in the upper 30’s in Wisconsin then now here in Illinois we are experiencing highs in the low to mid 90’s… Yikes!!!  I guess Fall isn’t here in the Midwest yet!

Fox Ridge SP IL 011We have spent the last couple of days about 80 miles south-south west of where we were in Indiana. We pulled into Fox Ridge State Park near Charleston, Illinois on Sunday afternoon. What a nice wooded park Fox Ridge State Park is considering we are in the middle of the corn belt. Rolling hills covered with hardwood forest is something I wasn’t expecting. Even better is we are a very short distance from our next location where we plan to visit with our friends who winter in Florida.

Our site is huge but as with many parks here in the northern part of the Midwest they only have electricity but with the highs in the 90’s at least it is 50 amps!!! There is water nearby but we filled up at the last stop and the shower room is is very nice for a state park. Best of all no one is in this park as it is only us and the camp hosts giving us lots of peace and quiet!

Fox Ridge SP IL 001Fox Ridge SP IL 010

This is a great park for hiking so we took off on the trails on Monday for a pretty good workout as we walked up and down the hills in this thickly wooded park. It looks as if they could use some rain as the trails are dry. When we came upon a sign warning that a bridge ahead was out we chose to go on since we figured theFox Ridge SP IL 003 creek would be dry … and it was. Not a lot was stirring in the woods with the heat since it was the middle of the day but we did see a few squirrels and heard several pileated woodpeckers. We also were able to see one of the larger skinks (Broad Headed Skink, I think) scamper up a tree…

This was a great place for hiking and biking, and with Eastern Illinois University less than a 10 minute drive north of here we couldn’t believe this park wasn’t more crowded. We did take a drive up to visit the campus and even though it was hot we enjoyed our self guided tour of Eastern Illinois University… especially the main building that looked much like a castle.


  1. Looks like a beautiful area!! Must be very quiet & relaxing with the park being so empty :)

    Cameron said to tell you that he really wants to go to that AWESOME castle & find pirate treasure lol, not sure how he put those two together other than its in the world of a 5 year olds imagination ;)

  2. Replies
    1. We are wintering in Bonita Springs, Florida...where are y'all wintering?

    2. We'll be in various places about Arizona.

  3. Did you visit the Tony Romo's old dorm room?;) That looks like a nice shady spot to hide from the heat.

    Hope to see you guys in Florida.

    1. I didn't even realize Romo was from Eastern Illinois until I saw the game this past weekend! Small world, huh? I really hope we do see you two newlyweds in Florida!

  4. Looks like a wonderful state park, love it when its so quiet at this time of year.