Monday, September 30, 2013

Decatur Alabama - Albany Historic District walk

Decatur AL 006

Decatur AL 008Sometimes we end up in a park that exceeds expectations. Point Mallard Campground in Decatur Alabama has been one such park. Even the best tools and reviews fail to give the full feel of a place so we are so happy that our lifestyle allows us to have the opportunity to linger in places we especially enjoy. We booked an extra week here simply because we like our site nestled amongst the trees. We are enjoying morning and evening walks along the lake because the lake trail is only steps away from our site. Also the campground is part of a huge community park so we are enjoying watching sporting events and it is very close to the fair sized town of Decatur. Another plus is since we don’t have satellite we are always glad to get really good TV reception, as we do here, especially during college football season...

We tend to always explore our immediate area anytime we arrive at a new location. The town of Decatur has a quaint visitor center within an old historic home. We stopped by to pick up several brochures containing self guided tours of the local historical buildings and neighborhoods. We also noticed Decatur has many inviting parks beckoning us to walk along or to sit and enjoy. One such park we found was the Delano Park Rose Garden which we discovered during one of the walking tours.

Decatur AL 014Decatur AL 009

Decatur AL 007     Decatur AL 011

This Rose Garden park was also our starting point for the Albany Historic District neighborhood tour and it was quite a lovely park to stroll around in and admire the flowers and various butterflies. There were lots of beautiful homes and a neat little Episcopal Church. The walk was very interesting as it discussed the transition in architectural styles that occurred in this area in the 1800’s. We saw excellent examples of Victorian homes, Colonial Revival period homes, porticos, turrets and overhanging gables. The walk was well laid out and culminated back at the Rose Garden. Since this walk was a success we plan to revisit the visitor center for other brochures and self guided tours available in the area…


  1. I'm always looking for not-so-famous great things to see in my journeys. Sometimes they turn out to be real beauties.

    1. I couldn't have said it better... love the duller side of life at times...

  2. We may be going through the area on our way back to VT in the spring, looks like a beautiful place to visit. Moving every few days for a bit state park to state park, another week and some down time in IL & WI :)

  3. Looks like you have found another winner of a park, enjoy your time there.