Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Have we really been full timing for 2.5 years?

Riverwalk in!

September 3rd, 2013 marked the two and one half year anniversary of our leaving College Station, Texas. What we left behind after living there for over 30 years was our house (which was still for sale, but sold now), a rental house (we still rent it out) and a lot of friends… What we have found since that day 2.5 years later is a new lifestyle full of adventures, experiences and we added some new friends…

Tub Run Rec Area PA 040During our travels we have been in 32 of the 50 United States and even traveled into one Province in Canada. Will we travel in all the states reachable by RV? Who knows? But we did sit down on our 2.5 year anniversary to discuss our likes and dislikes of this now not-so-new lifestyle we are living. We do this every six months to ensure we are both on the same page and to discuss our future plans.

Most of our discussion focused on the fact that Sharon’s least favorite thing about full timing is moving day! Me, I love moving day since it means I will be able to see something new and experience something different. Sharon sees it as a day that requires lots of chores that revolve around getting the RV ready to leave and then re-setup. She is still a bit uncomfortable on the road in the RV when we go over high bridges or get near the edges of high points. So we discussed a few ways we might alleviate some of her concerns.

Heyduke© 2013But mostly we shared stories about what we loved about what we do and about the many places we enjoyed. We have driven our faithful RV 19,228 miles over those 32 states and have been to a lot of really cool places. We must admit there have been very few areas in the USA that we visited where we haven’t felt comfortable or that we haven’t enjoyed staying. For the most part we now feel that we could probably live anywhere and easily find a nice town with the amenities we desire.To our continuing delight we find ourselves crossing paths with so many nice people as we travel.  They often express to us they love the town they live in and have graciously pointed us toward unique sights or fun places to go. 

Niagara Falls Day 1 007

How much longer will we do this? Who knows?  Since right now we can't imagine doing anything else, the one thing we know for sure is we will do it as long as we are both having fun…


  1. It's always fun for me to read what other full-timers think about their lifestyle. We're not nearly as methodical about it, but we do discuss it now and then. Maybe because we're going on 13 years now as full timers, we've already covered a lot of ground... in many ways. Congratulations on your 2.5 anniversary!

  2. Well congratulations on your 2.5 anniversary. I think I remember reading your blog when it was titled On The Road TO Retirement. I think you two are really enjoying retirement!

    1. ah yes... and thanks for the tip on Naperville we enjoyed a nice stroll along the riverwalk there...

  3. Congrats and blessings for safe travel as long as you desire.

  4. All that matters is that you are still having fun!

  5. I remember when you crossed out that "to" and put in an "of", like it was yesterday.
    Well, if you consider just how well I remember anything that happened yesterday, so that gives you an idea...
    Hope you have fun doing it for as long as you like.

  6. Hi guys! In December, Roger and I will have been fulltiming for 5 years. We also feel like we're just getting started. Even though we "hole up" in Texas to keep warm over the winter, we still love traveling just as much (if not more) than ever! Happy trails to you and hope we cross paths again!
    -- Dianne

  7. It's really amazing how fast the time goes when we're on the road, isn't it? I'm right behind you, 2 years 4 months now, and I hope to be doing this same thing at five years. I still feel like such a newbie.

    I think its nice that you guys sit down every six months and discuss things like that. There's nothing like good communication to keep everyone happy. :)

  8. You two have been an inspiration to us since we discovered your blog just a few months into our full-time adventure. I thought by now we would be growing weary of the road, but, like you, almost feel like we are just getting started. Here's to many more great adventures.

  9. Almost two years into our fulltiming adventure and new lifestyle. We certainly enjoy this new style of living. We've been following your adventures across Michigan, although a little slower that you. We certainly enjoy this part of the country. Keep up the good work and travels.

  10. Congratulations on your 2-1/2 years it sure is an amazing lifestyle. Keep on going.
    We are into our 8th years now and still loving it!

  11. We are close to 4 years full-time, before you know it it will be 4 years for you.