Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Xmas - New Years - and good things to come in 2010...

Well Christmas this year was as good as they always are... the only big difference is this year was the beginning of us downsizing our Christmas expenses as we prepare our loved ones for fewer gifts and more wisdom.  Also, we have been reminiscing about the possibility of this being the last Christmas in our house.  I have not officially listed it as of yet but I did put up a "Make me Move" price on so you never know if someone will make us move sooner than we plan.

The time off has also allowed me to finish up the painting inside the house to get it ready for market.  The other large task I have started tot tackle is consolidating out photographs to prepare them for future scanning.  Once we figure out which ones we want to scan we will send the photos off to each of the respective children for the safe keeping and memories.

My Christmas present to me also arrived yesterday so I am anxious to start researching RV's using my CD's from  Now on to the research for 2010...

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