Saturday, October 9, 2021

Dang the RV Fridge Died - Part 2 of 3


We started researching what fridge was available after we took careful measurements of the space the old Norcold was in. Then it happened! Our old Norcold died leaving us little choice but to buy something immediately available so we purchased a small 9.6 cu ft. fridge as a stop gap while continuing our search for a better replacement.

Now with all of the supply line disruptions finding a refrigerator was challenging unless we were willing to wait until late December of January 2023 for a new one. Available supplies of fridges were very limited. A week or so passed before we found a better alternative, a Whirlpool WRT112CZJ.

fridge build out

We chose this one (even though it was about the same size as our old Norcold) because it would not only fit in the existing space easily it would also fit (just barely) through our front door of the RV so we wouldn’t have to remove a window and hire some people to get it inside our RV. In fact the movers Whirlpool hired (J B Hunt) delivered the RV, brought it inside and placed in in its rightful spot.

So let’s back up a bit and I will describe what needed to be done before buying a new fridge. First I had to disconnect the water from the ice maker, the gas line from the fridge (turn off your propane first) and pull the electrical plug. Next I removed the front trim from around the Norcold (several screws had to be taken out for removal).


With the trim off I next located the screws that were fastened to the back of the Norcold holding it down to the floor. Once all of this was done I was able to shimmy the Norcold out of its spot. Next in order to be able to get it out the front door I had to remove the four doors from the Norcold.

With the doors off I was able to get it out the door. We then went to Lowes and bought the 9.6 cu ft. Haier fridge and plugged it in so we could use it for the time being (cost was $369.00). That gave me access to area where the old Norcold sat so I could modify the area for the new fridge.

What I did was first to buy a plug for the faired end of the old propane line so I could plug it up. I used a soapy water solution after turning the propane back on to ensure there were no leaks around the plug I installed.

NOTE:  We are currently in Mesa, Arizona until November 1st…


  1. Oh man that is a major project! I put a 12v fan in the flue of the fridge to see if that might get a few more degrees, can't say I see any difference.
    You'll need a reliable inverter to supply the commercial unit. I suspect you'll cover that in Part 3.

    1. Already have a reliable inverter but in order to boondock I'll need to add a couple more solar panels.