Friday, October 1, 2021

Why are we going to Phoenix in September!!!


We really enjoyed our stay in the Prescott AZ area but we decided to do something we may regret. The plan is to move on down to Phoenix during the heat wave they have been experiencing. We spent three nights at the Phoenix Metro RV Park using Passport America and then moved over to Sun Life RV Resort in Mesa for a month.

The Phoenix Metro RV Park was pretty empty but the sites were fairly nice but small like most are in the Phoenix area. There was a nice pool and hot tub and we had a scenic view from our RV of a small desert mountain.

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With temperatures in the 110’s we spent some time at the pool to cool down and Sharon spent some time in their small, but adequate, fitness room. We didn’t do a whole lot while at this park but we did check out three breweries, one each night we were there. Our favorite was Front Pourch!

One thing we were happy to do was to meet up with former RV friends and now residents of nearby Sun City. We met for brunch at a place they chose, JD Campbells, and I had a fabulous green chili omelette while Sharon enjoyed a traditional breakfast plate.. We first met Bobbie and Jim at Betty’s RV park and have stopped in to see them a few times since. It is always fun to catch up with friends we made while on the road. These two are always great to be around!


When the temperatures dropped one day we took advantage and found a little disc golf course to play. It was still plenty hot but it was nice to be outdoors for a fun round of disc golf.


So you may be wondering why we are in Phoenix during the heat of summer. Well now that we have been here a month we are wondering why we chose to do that as well. But there was a reason…


We have been on the road a long, long time and know that the end of our fulltime travels is closing in on us. As a result we are starting to explore areas of interest to us as places we might stay for a longer period of time after our travels in the RV are over. Working on an exit strategy is something we simply cannot put off any longer.


Both of us have always liked Arizona so we took advantage of a Cal-Am promotion which allows us to stay in three parks we think we would like for only $995. That allows us to stay in any Cal-Am park on the list of the offer from September 1 to December 31st. We came down here in September to experience the 110+ heat to see if we could tolerate it.

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Short answer is – We can’t. We are outdoor people and 110+ means little of that beloved activity occurs. However, it is all part of the grand experiment of looking for future homes… We understand it will be a process.

NOTE:  We are currently in Mesa, Arizona until November 1st…


  1. We so enjoyed visiting with you too. So many of our friends we first met at Betty's RV Park. Yes, it is hot in the but the winters are marvelous and you don't have to shovel sunshine. Here we stay inside in the summer and enjoy the outdoors in the winter. Just the opposite of most places.

    1. Yes, we have decided that there is no perfect place!

  2. Even 'The Valley of the Sun' shouldn't be that hot in September! 'But it's a dry heat' ...
    Glad to see you back on the golf course - nice forehand too!

    1. Yes, the heat keeps one inside way too much...

  3. We recently moved our home base to Arizona but don't really plan to spend the hot months there. The motorhome will be our escape when the heat moves in but it's hard to beat Arizona's late fall, winter and spring weather. Decisions, decisions, decisions. No place is perfect so it's nice to have wheels at least part of the time! Good luck finding your place...

  4. So, what other places are on your list to check out? The heat is, of course, why we leave Havasu in the summer. But its a great place 9 months of the year.

    1. Well we have checked out just about everywhere now and indeed no place is perfect.

  5. Awe, exist strategy... Started my list five years before we went fulltiming... Turns out, I doubt any of the examples I collected will actually be used. The last time Karen and I talked we were leaning towards a small condo as a home base and traveling from there. Although if the home prices are still way too high I might reconsider a small lot and build my own. Good you were able to see friends on the road and I'm impressed you are looking for a nest in Arizona rather than back in Texas.

  6. You are doing the right thing taking experiments, just as we did for over a year before landing here in Wickenburg. We know we can't tolerate cold, and heat is more manageable. We thought we can handle the heat having experienced it while in Tucson when Steve was sick in 2017. So after staying for long periods in Fruita, Boise, Prescott, our top three, but ultimately we landed in Wickenburg. After two summers in a real house we think we made the right decision. So why don't you come and visit us here in Wickenburg so we can share with you what we did during those really really hot summer! - ML

  7. Florida should still be on your short list for the End of the Road Time. Never over 100. Humidity always over 75. Ocean very nice year-round. If it sounds like I am lobbying, you would be correct. We are in London but can’t wait to get back to Vero. Plus (I hope😉), you have us nearby.

  8. It happens to all of us at some point. One thing we learned there is no one perfect place. Moderate summers mean cold winters. Hot summers generally mean good winter weather. Good luck in picking a place to settle. Hope to see you down the road. Stay safe and healthy.

  9. We too are here for the Fall Season at Cal Ams Valle Del Oro in Mesa. The music and bars open on Wednesday, then the fun begins. The sites are large enough for our 40 ft. Second time hee.
    Been to the RGV but found it rainy and windy.
    Checked out Florida and the RV parks in the dputh of FL don't have what VDO has but $$ for the beach. I hate to admit - but I was impressed and enjoyed being nearThe Villages! Better than Sun City in Georgetown TX.
    Friends here have winter place in the Phoenix area and summer place in Show Low or Prescott Valley.
    Like you said, no perfect place. Weather is changing, politics have changed people and health issues can become a concern.
    You should def visit ML. I read her lumpias are deelish! 😁
    Sandra Wetzel