Sunday, March 27, 2011

Last day outing before the rain and cold hits…

018The weather here as I write this blog is cold… rainy and just like the weather I hope to see less of as we continue our journeys in the future. But yesterday we decided that we wanted to try out a little restaurant that is near a harness training track near Pinehurst, NC.

019We lounged around the RV after waking and decided we would drink our own coffee before heading to the restaurant. It was a short drive of less than five miles and we found ourselves turning onto a short dirt road driveway that led us around to the Track restaurant. It is located in one of the older track buildings that was likely a kitchen area for the workers of the track in the day. The breakfast here was wonderful and the surrounding views of the track made this such a nice find it has a separate write up in my other blog Road Treats.. check it out…

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This track will be hopping in April when the first matinee races begin and we have marked this on the calendar… After breakfast we strolled around the compound and watched as the trainers were training the ponies to race in the harnesses… what a great way to spend a morning. After 1:00 pm you are allowed to walk all the around the place including over near the stables. Above photos are after our breakfast of the training that was happening that day and below are some photos during our later day stroll around the track when we checked out the “behind the scenes” places…

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A really great place to spend the day and make sure you have breakfast or lunch at the Track restaurant to either kick start the day or to top it off before you stroll around the track.  There are two tracks in front of the restaurant one is 1/2 mile and the outer loop is a 5/8 mile loop track. Walk around it from both directions since not only does the lighting change but the views are a bit different too.


  1. we spend alot of time at the 'track' in the spring and summer! the horse races!!!

  2. Very interesting blog. I love horses, but never thought of going to a track. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  3. What a neat place to eat. I love the horses.

  4. We went to the local track in the last weeks it was open. I had never gone to the races before and enjoyed the day. I placed $18 worth of $2 bets and left with $22.

    I'm not a gambler, but I had fun.

    I guess there must be a lot of racing in the South. Have you ever been to Kentucky?

  5. Hmm, let me try this again.

    Glad you have this site as it is nice to see how much you guys are enjoying yourself. It sounds like all in all everything is going great and that you haven't given work even a blink of an eye since leaving...that is the way I am going to do just a little over a year from now!!! :-)

    Glad you sold the house before leaving or at least it appears that is the case unless I missed something in your posts.

    Keep enjoying yourselves!!! :-)

    Michael H

  6. Yer findin' out right quick what one of the best things bout fulltime' ain't what ya plan to do, it's what ya stumble acrost cause yer out here a doin' the fulltime thing.