Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Back in North Carolina…

camel softball at ASU 2We are back from our little hiatus in Arizona where we were able to enjoy the sunshine and clear 80 plus degree days while watching some softball at the University of Arizona. We had a really good time while we were there and really enjoyed the hospitality of one of the player’s parents.

Camel softball at ASUWe flew back from Phoenix to Charlotte NC on the flight from hell (well not rally that bad but it sucked for us)… we left Phoenix and were not given seats on the flight when I checked in. Odd since I had seats the night before when I verified everything… so they tell us to wait and be called for seat assignments. Wait we did till the last people were getting on the plane and then finally our names are called and we are told we have the last two seats far far apart from each other… it gets worse as they inform us one of them is in an area where on the last flight someone hurled and there “might be a bit of smell lingering.” So we finally depart 25 minutes late to Charlotte and we only had 50 minutes between flights. No problem since the captain says we will make up the time…

ASU orangesWrong we land 5 minutes after my ticket says pre-boarding is occurring on our connecting flight two terminals over in the Atlanta airport (man I am beginning to dislike Atlanta). So we get off the plane with 25 minutes to spare before our plane takes off. So here we go off on the Amazing Race dash through the airport, to the tram, off the tram, sprint with luggage in tow up the escalator, and to gate 47 at the end of terminal C to become the last two people on board as they shut the door behind us.

Aberdeen Dry CampGreat… then as we taxi the pilot informs us that we have to park and wait for some “numbers from the corporate office and will take off shortly after we get them”… 45 minutes later we finally start to move and take off at 11:30pm to Charlotte.  Mind you our park and stay hotel has the last shuttle at midnight. So we land 15 minutes after midnight and of course the shuttle has stopped running so we had to cab it over to get our car. Two plus hours later at 3:00 AM we pull up to the motorhome and simply crawled into bed and crashed.

So what is next? We have to find a place to stay for a month or more in the vicinity so it will be off in the car exploring tomorrow to check out the local RV parks…


  1. THIS story is why the RV life is for me. I hate flying!

  2. Gotta ask. So just exactly what to really think of this retired, fulltiming life to date? Now everybody's gonna tell ya it gits better to make ya feel good, but understand, as bad as it now, it only gits worse.

    I.M. brin' ya the unvarnished truth.
    Me and Nilda's blog

  3. Love that motorhome! Traveling! Always an adventure!

  4. here is a campground in the area that has good reviews. http://www.glenwoodacresrvpark.com/index.htm Athough I have not stayed there i can say the area is nice and only about four miles from my home.

  5. I HATE to fly. So glad we can go over the road and take our home with us...the only way to go. Glad you made it back okay.

  6. Your story is one of the reasons we're looking forward to wandering around the US and Canada in our motorhome.

  7. Sorry you had such a crappy flight home. How was the softball? Did the girls do well out there. This is the first year Kevin and I won't be watching college baseball as last year was Alex's last year to be on the team. We sure are missing it!

    BTW love the sport the MH is parked up at.

    Kevin and Ruth

  8. Been there and done that and hated it too. You have my sympathy. It's just too nerve wracking. You are supposed to be retired and taking it easy for heaven's sake.

    Well hopefully things will be smooth sailing now.


  9. Boy do I know what you were feeling with the late flights. I had to RUN through the airport and was the last one on. Terrible feeling. Takes half the flight just to calm down. Glad you are back home safe.

  10. Too bad about the flight, thats why we prefer our lifestyle always at home.