Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hiccups, annoyances, gotchas, but on the road…

So we are on the road after a frenzied last two days of packing, moving, planning, purging (yet again), free-cycling, and working on closing our house deal. WOW when will we get to rest…

We are now both officially retired and we should be taking it easy but nooooooooooo… we made plans to be in Georgia this weekend to watch our daughter play softball, so relaxing was entirely out of the question. Now we had a deadline and had to get things done on a schedule… sounds just like work doesn’t it? So why the hell are we doing this? Why? Because we are crazy… so, what happened to us these last hours before embarking on our first journey with absolutely no experience what so ever in RV’ing… (Are we crazy?)

So we had all kinds of issues that were mostly overcome except for one glaring and major obstacle.  When we finally decided that we would use the wireless LED brake lights for the toad we thought we were on our way. So we started to connect the CRV to the RV only to find the crossbar that was given to me from the previous owner didn’t match up with the base plate… ARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!

So we had two choices.. 1) stay in town in our empty home and order the part and wait till we get it… or 2) haul butt and drive two vehicles! We chose to just go east and deal with the towing issue after we get to Georgia. Why do something now that you can put off till tomorrow.

So once we got on the road the only issue is that the GPS sent me on a road through east Texas more suitable for cars than for RV’s especially for someone who has driven one as little as I have. But even after the late start we made it close to Shreveport, LA and found an RV park and we are sitting and relaxing after hooking it all up (I hope I did it all right)…

… and we even have internet : )


  1. There will be many glitches along the way. What you have to learn now is to relax, laugh and make your plans in jello like a proper full timer.

    Actually sounds like you had a great first day.

  2. cheers to your first day on road!..way to go with the improvisation with regards to driving two vehicles!

  3. Congratulations, Your first trip Yea!
    Glitches happen, life happens, and you learn to deal with it and laugh about it.

  4. Congratulations - you're on the road! As long as you can relax and not let anything get you down, you'll be fine. I don't always trust the GPS. She has tried to send us some very strange routes, although she is right more often than she is wrong. I usually check a map, mapquest, and the GPS!

  5. Congrats on your first day on the road. There will be glitches as you figure things out. Then I suspect things will go pretty smooth. Until you get comfortable with the RV and toad and all. Then there will be new glitches... lol

    Enjoy your new freedom and work on that jello planning!

  6. Congratulations on surviving your first day! Each and every bump is a recognition of progress...look how far you have come already!

    No, you are not crazy. I think we've all had those feelings, especially when it feels overwhelming. You will find time to breathe and slow down. The road will get smoother. Just try to enjoy each and every moment!

  7. Congratulations on getting underway and navigating past all the bumps in the road! :) Hopefully after the weekend you will have a little time to get your bearings. :)

  8. Have fun and enjoy watching your daughter play.

  9. O.K. now take a deep breath and slowly exhale. You've done it!!!!!

    We're JEALOUS, Soooo JEALOUS.

    Travel Safe
    Dawn and Denise

  10. You're on the Road. Congratulations.

    You'll have to change the name of your Blog/Journal now.

    Thanks for looking in on me. I'm still keeping a close eye on Christchurch. This will impact our lives in all kinds of ways, not to mention the sheer grief we feel for people who lost loved ones and the poor city.

    We will be able to boast that we knew two Christchurch's. The lovely old one and the beautiful one that is to rise out of the rubble.

    Enjoy your trip.


  11. Way to go. Glad you are retired and among us. Have fun. Everything will fall into place.

  12. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You did it!! and AMAZING that you sold your house Just Like THAT!

    I remember the first time on the road. White knuckles but I think you did just the right thing. You only learn by doing and there will be lots of other things you'll have to fix/replace/add so don't let it get to you. Just keep on keepin' on.

    As for GPS, don't trust it. Try google maps or regular maps so you are sure of the roads you are traveling on. Our Garmina is an idiot much of the time. Can't even find the restaurant in whose parking lot we are now sitting. :-)

    HAVE FUN!!! Bet your daughter is excited.
    Life is really beginning now!
    Hope to see you in person soon.


  13. Sorry your trip started out not as well as you had hoped. It's just part of the full-timing lifestyle. Things go wrong, repairs are necessary, and plans have to change. Having a good attitude and sense of humor will help. Enjoy the journey!

  14. Oh man, oh man. Your first weekend as full timers..what a feeling that must be!!

  15. As a neighbor in the RV park where we spent our first night as official full-timers said to us . . .

    Welcome to Life!!

    Cheers, tailwinds and safe passages!

  16. That explains why I saw you in the RV and Sharon driving the CRV with the bikes on back, around noon heading north on Hwy 6 on Wednesday. Good Luck, keep in touch, and call me if you need anything.

  17. Yee-Haw! Congratulations and Welcome to the full-timing world! I was feeling the excitement along with you. The newness of it all is so exciting! Its only been one year for us. I will be following along on your journey. Would love to have you follow along with us!