Saturday, March 5, 2011

The trek to Georgia…

Yesterdays travel was 238 miles after leave early afternoon the day before but the next day was the 419 mile Trek to Georgia… After leaving the Southern Living RV (no web site) park just east of Shreveport (which was perfect for a one night stay with wifi, laundry room and a bath house despite its bad reviews) we headed east through the state of Mississippi where we stayed at Avalon RV park just inside the border of Alabama which was only slightly better than boondocking but worked as an overnight stay and is a Passport America park.

This was the longest haul I hope we ever do in an RV but the goal was to get to Athens in time for the first pitch of the softball tournament at the University of Georgia. So this left us a more manageable 275 mile drive to Athens the next day. We will try to stay around a maximum of 250 miles per day in the future.

The last days drive began early in the day so we would miss the morning rush hour of Birmingham, Alabama and after timing this nearly perfectly it could only be more of the same when we went through Atlanta – Right??? Wrrrrooonnnng!!! After 50 non-stop miles of six lane traffic through congested lanes and construction I was ready to swear on a large stack of bibles that I would never – ever – ever, drive an RV through Atlanta again. The most bizarre event was when the GPS told me to get off the highway onto a narrow single laned tightly turning cloverleaf that basically put back on the highway going the opposite direction. Before going off it was verified by Microsoft Streets and Trips 2011. There has got to be a better way to get to the next turn it was taking me too…

So after driving through the town square of Crocket Texas, through downtown Atlanta, around the cloverleaf, and sandwiched between semi-trucks on a six lane highway I now proclaim myself as a novice RV driver having graduated from rookie status…

That calls for a glass of wine…

ps. as soon as I find the camera I will include some pictures


  1. I have tried all sorts of ways to beat the Atlanta traffic with no success over the years. I have gone through that town different times of the day and still get mixed up in it no matter what time it is. LOL This is one fear that I have once we go full time with an RV is traffic like Atlanta.......A fear I will surely have to overcome, I know.

  2. Whew! Bet you're glad you're through Atlanta. Doesn't sound like fun but at least you got some good experience under your belt. What comes after novice??? Travel safe.

  3. Boy that is some hustle you've done as your first FT adventure. Sounded TERRIBLE! I have Atlanta down as a "never drive there" spot.

    I'm amazed at the get off and go the other direction stuff from both your GPS and Google maps. You've sure got the stamina.

    Now ENJOY the softball, you've definitely earned it and I'm sure you're going to leave going a different direction! :-)

    Hope your daughter reads your blog so she can see JUST how MUCH she is loved!


  4. We've gone waaaay out of our way to avoid Atlanta. Drove through it once in a car. Don't plan to ever do it in the RV. Congratulations on earning your new stripes! Hope you get to slow down and enjoy soon. You deserve it!
    Enjoy the games.

  5. We are headed for South Carolina over the next week or so, and the map wizards would have us go through Atlanta to get there...we are not going to follow the map wizards!

  6. Woo hoo~!~!~! Can't wait to see the photos, and don't forgot to update your profile, as you are now one FULLTIME Rv'er!

  7. Good for you, you're doing it under the worse conditions, and in your first couple of days. Pretty scary sounding, but you made it through. Can't wait to hear how the actual RV living is for you. Does everything work? Other than that plate thing for the car. I hope the games go well for your daughter.
    Me and My Dog -

  8. I remember driving the rig through San Antonio and Houston in one day too. Not one of my fondest memories. :)

  9. We have a tendency to avoid all large cities regardless & if we have to do a big city I try to do it on a Saturday or preferrably Sunday morning. One of the big advantages in the West is way less big cities & a whole lot less traffic. I remember doing that I-75 corridor between Michigan & Florida years ago a few times & would never want to have to do that again. Sounds like you are getting lots of heavy duty RV driving in. That will make next year's trip to the west a breeze:))

  10. Welcome to the often stressful fulltime RV lifestyle. Hopefully you will be able to slow down in the future. We try very hard to keep the driving at 200-250 miles a day - it sure makes for a much more enjoyable day - no rush to get started and stopping early in the day to just kick back and enjoy the rest of the day.

    Atlanta traffic really won't seem that bad once you find yourself on some narrow, curvey, mountain passes with 8%+ grades.