Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fun times in NC…

2011-07-25 Central North Carolina 021

We are still hanging out at the Raleigh NC fairgrounds and even with the heat it has been enjoyable being able to visit with our daughter. The heat did subside a bit yesterday as the temperature only got up to 95 after record breaking heat in the Raleigh area the last four days.

I have been able to do more on the boo-boo repair and was able to get the last coat of primer on it and after lightly sanding it I was also able to add two coats of the matching base paint. With the humidity over 50 percent I am unable to spray on the clear coat but I think it is all going to look pretty good after I finish.

2011-07-25 Central North Carolina 0242011-07-25 Central North Carolina 0192011-07-25 Central North Carolina 020

Once again we set out for a new disc course we found on the internet just south of Raleigh. The park is said to be one of the “most challenging courses“ in the area and it was located about 20 miles south of us. This Wade County park is actually part of a nuclear plant facility on Harris Lake is park that has no fee to enter. It has quite a few nice features such as trails for hiking and biking, as well as fishing, pavilions and of course the disc course. The picture above and left of the nuclear plant stack has a sign that says “no swimming or wading” and with that nuclear plant in the background I wouldn’t think the sign would be necessary…

We really enjoy playing disc golf and like to look for courses in any area we stop at. Why we do love to play it?

  • there is no fee to play – free!
  • you get some nice exercise walking in the woods
  • you get to view wildlife and birds while playing
  • you are only competing with yourself so we enjoy playing with each other
  • and lastly it is just plain fun!!!

Ground Skink

After playing in the heat on this course we headed into the town of Fuquay-Varina to stop by the Aviator brewing tap house for a cold draft hand crafter beverage. After a few samples I settled on a Devils Tramping Ground Tripel at 9.2% 2011-07-25 Central North Carolina 001alcohol It was very tasty but lightly sweet Belgian ale. Sharon had the Crazy Pils at 5.2% alcohol which was a style of a Czech Pilsner. This was was too bitter for our likings so we finished our sampling with a SteamHead at 6.1% alcohol which they called a California Common beer. This one was very smooth and nicely finished.

Then it was on to our daughter’s house near Campbell University where we stopped by and I made her and her roommates a good low country dinner of Shrimp and Grits. After dinner and visiting it was back to the RV with my new toys that we had mailed to her address - Portable Surge Guard Protector 120-240V 50 Amp, Surge Guard Universal Lock Hasp, and the Blue Ox Patriot Brake Control Braking System. I get to play with them later today… I love new toys!


  1. You surely won't regret the surge protector purchase! It has saved my bacon more than once. :)

  2. enjoy the new 'toys' ..sound more like necessities to me!!

  3. Oh I think touring brewing tap houses and breweries will be a fun part of our full-timing adventure. Steve enjoys various mircrobrewery beers and it will be fun to sample!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  4. Nice to see you got some very necessary toys, you won't be sorry you have them. Gotta love sampling different brews.

  5. Local mico-brewries are some of our favorite spots. In our travels in the SW last year we found one in Tucson, Nimbus, that is our favorite so far, but there are a lot more to discover. We'll add this one to our list. :)

  6. Some nice new additions to the RV you got there. And fun at a FREE disc course...how cool is that? Nina