Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Goodbye Florida… Hello Georgia…

IMAG0264Wickham Park would be a really nice park for an extended stay in this area especially with its 15 percent discount when booking 7 days or more making your per night cost with tax around $18.00 per night.  And with all its amenities and only 10 minutes from the beach it is a place we will likely come back to but we have decided that Melbourne, Florida is not on the “it has it” list for a place for us to consider retiring. However, just a short distance south of here is Sebastian, Florida and it may have more of the intangibles we want than does Melbourne.

We drove down to Sebastian yesterday but halfway there we encountered a wall of grey clouds and had been raining all day there just some 30 miles south of where we were staying which had sunny blue skies. We thought about staying here a while longer to get to know Sebastian but have decided to move on to Georgia and continue our travels northward (we can always come back). If you do come to the Sebastian area though a great campground is at Sebastian Inlet State Park with sites at $26.00 plus tax per night and it is on the coast at the confluence of the Indian River and the Atlantic ocean. Beautiful park even in the rain!

IMAG0262So we left the Sebastian area and headed backIMAG0260 north and stopped at one of the many beach access parks established by Brevard County Parks. These are all free access with no parking except one park we saw at Indianatlantic Beach. After relaxing on the beach and playing in the larger than normal swales in the surf (due to the tropical depression just offshore) we visited a little roadside bar and grille called Lous Blues. Aquirky little joint with an excellent view of the Atlantic from the second floor balcony. Cold bottled beer at $2.00 each and with a view that is most excellent we sat here and planned out our next day.

IMAG0258             IMAG0259

We had some nice memories here in Melbourne and at Wickham Park but our favorite incident was when a pair of sand hill cranes flew in and landed near one of the lakes in the park. I grabbed the camera and thought I should take a picture of them. As we crept closer and closer to them we finally figured out that they were real afraid of us and as a result we could get quite close to them if we moved slowly towards them. Sharon had never seen them before and was astounded by their size as they stand nearly four feet tall and can nearly look her in the eye.

IMAG0251Another of our good fortunes came when we first arrived in the area and found a farmer’s market in the neat little town of Eaue Gallie. Since vegetables were very expensive in the Keys and usually of inferior quality if we did buy them it was such a treat to buy an assortment of produce and go home and make us a scrumptious lunch with much of our newly purchased cache.

We also really enjoyed watching the wildlife and birds in the area and had fun playing a round of Frisbee golf while at Wickham. However,we now feel it is time to move on, so it is onwards to Georgia. We will stay at a Passport America Park named Golden Isles RV park with a daily rate of $19.00 per night (tax included). Don’t expect it to be the best but with full hookups, 50 amps, cable and Wi-Fi it is a good place for a few days to see the surrounding area…


  1. Not on topic, but do you like your Allegro Bay? I'm attracted to one because it has a double fridge. How is the cargo carry capacity?

  2. Merikay we love our AB but we have a FRED (FRont End Diesel) not a gas model so there is a difference... one of my deal breakers was that we had to have a double fridge (and we were right)... so since it is diesel the CCC is excellent for us.

  3. Looks like y'all found a couple of more RV parks fer me and Nilda to put down on our list. Thanks fer writin' about them.

  4. So cool about the sandhill cranes! Ron was chased by one in Illinois once. We were on our bikes and this crane chased him. Funniest thing.