Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Getting lost and Jekyll Island…

3 Wood Storks

The main reason I picked Brunswick, Georgia as a place to stay was of its proximity to Jekyll Island and the surrounding area. When we first arrived at Golden Isles RV park (a Passport America park) our plans were to visit Jekyll Island. The park itself isn’t anything to write home about but with 50 amps, WiFi, sewer hookups and cable it is a bargain at $19.00 per night.

St Simon Beach     WWII History

When we got into the park and got all set up we went for a drive to “get lost” which us my way of seeing what is around us. Getting lost for me is just driving around with a pseudo plan to see as much of the surrounding are as possible. By doing so I have discovered many things that the web didn’t tell me. On this trip we discovered St. Simons island  which apparently everyone else in Georgia knew about it except us. What a wonderful place this was for a “tourist resort.” There was free parking and multiple beach access points and the beach (although it was brown sand) was a really nice wide beach and it was packed with people even on a Tuesday!

Jekyll Island bike rideThe next morning we made plans to visit Jekyll Island as it has an interesting history. The first building built on it was done so in 1742 just 300 years after Columbus sailed the ocean blue. More history can be found on this link.

There is a $5.00 parking fee that is collected at the main entrance which allows you to park anywhere – better than meters in my opinion. Once we paid the fee we drove around the north end of the island and parked near the beach.  We then rode our bikes on the bike trails around the south end of the island.  This trail was about 8 miles long and with the heat at 96 degrees we decided it was enough for bike riding.Jekyll Island     Jekyll Island Driftwood Beach

We had a nice lunch that we brought (more farmers market veggies – Yum!) and then decided it was time for a dip in the Atlantic. How refreshing it was to be in colder waters than what were in in the Keys. After a nice swim we toured the rest of the island with the highlight being Driftwood Beach. This area is an eroding beach area and as a result what was left behind was many trees that died and were completely uprooted with the wave action. Needless to say we took many photos here.

Jekyll Island Driftwood Beach            Jekyll Island Driftwood Beach

After a fun filled day we headed back to the campground and made plans for the upcoming days. We have decided that we will push ahead tomorrow on a longer than normal day since nothing new along the way excites enough to stay any longer. So tomorrow we will be back on North Carolina just south of Aberdeen where we will stay a few days. While here we will visit with our daughter and then head northwards into new territory for us…

Jekyll Island Driftwood Beach


  1. Interesting landscape....big a.. roots! I have never been there, but plan to at some point. I love exploring by bicycle.....

  2. Dead trees have always intrigued me. Like big sculptures, but man had no hand in them.

  3. That is a great area...hope you guys enjoy! If you have time, as you travel the coast, you should stop by Cumberland Island.

  4. Friends of ours use to go to Jekyll Island and talked about it so much that it is definitely on our list of places to see. Nice to know there is a bike trail on it too. :)

  5. Loved the pix from Driftwood Beach!

  6. Kids love those trees - great landscape for acting out pirate fantasies and climbing around. Popular place for wedding photography, too.

  7. I commend you on a bike ride in such're a better man than I. I'd have spent the whole day in the ocean. :-)

  8. Sad to see the erosion on the beach but it does make for awesome pictures. We have never been to Jekyll Island. Looks like a lovely place.

  9. My husband grew up in Albany, Georgia, so the place was dear to his heart. We go there every year, and we almost explore the entire state. We've been to Jekyll Island in Christmas way back 2010. :) Sightseeing was the best part of the trip; the place was very beautiful!

    Daphne Michaels