Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hot as heck around here…

IMAG0277It sure has been fun getting to visit with our daughter once again. We are staying in the Raleigh area at the Fairgrounds and it has been scorching around here (over 100 F the last few days). Keeping us indoors way more than I like to be. We have been having fun just running around the town of Raleigh with our daughter to see the things she wanted to see and to assist her in getting her car taken care of mechanically.

We were able to stop by the Trader Joes in Cary, NC and restock up on our favorite Trader Joes stuff. Man we missed having one of those while down in Florida. Getting our multi-grained pancake mix and two buck chuck supply restocked we are now ready to take on the world once again…

The heat allowed me to get started on repairing our boo-boo we got back at Long Key State Park. I was able to sand out the area where we scraped the paint and get a good coat of primer on it one morning before it got too hot to continue painting. At least now the area is covered with paint even if it is grey primer.


We were able to get out early one morning to take in a round of disc golf. If you have played this before it is a lot lot normal golf but you use different frisbees instead. We only have a few different frisbees we can use to drive or putt with but we still had a blast playing the course we found at Kentwood Disc Course. The course features a lot of shorter holes and has several holes that cross each other but was a really fun course to play. We are not very good at the game but do enjoy playing when we are near a course.


In the meantime we are trying to figure the best route for us going north. With the heat we were thinking of taking a more inland round through the Shenandoah Valley but are more interested in moving more along the coastline but are unsure of the roads going north if we do that (and possible ferries as well). We will likely move on north on Tuesday and by then hopefully a plan will come together…


  1. Never had two buck chuck...looking on the Internet to see where the closest one to us will be. Not sure Ohio has any. We tried disc Frisbee with our girls in Texas. Unfortunately, the course was by a stream. We lost 2 of the 4 Frisbees but it was fun. Of course the girls were much better than Paul and I.

  2. Love that first photo...showing the love!

  3. LOVE Trader Joes...totally with you on that one (also the 2 buck chuck!). Very impressed that you're out and about in that heat...yikes!

  4. What a great picture of your girls. You seem to be having a wonderful time despite the terrible heat. Good for you!

    Not sure where you can go to get far north enough for the heat to break. Everyone all over, except maybe the pacific northwest and Maine seems to be suffering. More climate chaos.

  5. When we were in North Conway, NH at the Cranmore Adventure Park, they had Disc Golf or Golf Frisbee, just in case you are heading through that area and want to give it a try. We even parked overnight in their huge parking lot.

    Kevin and Ruth