Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Odds and ends in and around the Keys…

front of hogfish on stock island - jzh

Some places we went or things we saw didn’t really warrant a full blown blog just for them so I have included several places we have been to that are in and around the area that when we come back to the Keys we would likely return to. These places are anywhere from the tip of the Keys in Key West to the 50 mile marker near Marathon in the middle Keys.

Peppers of Key West – If you like hot sauces then this is a must stop for you. They even have a hot sauce reputed to be the hottest on the planet and it is called Blair’s Caldera which you can purchase for a mere $1,999.00. They let you sample many of the hot sauces on premises so you can have a hot time in Key West.

Sunrises in the Keys – As popular as the sunsets are in Key West at Mallory Key West 007Square you have to also get up early a few times (or stay up real late) and see some of the beautiful sunrises. Definitely worth it…

Flora and Fauna of the Keys – You really need to look closely to see all the wonderful flora and fauna in the Keys. The birdlife, endemic vegetation and wonderful planted flowering shrubs are all a treat to the senses.

The Blue Hole is the most visited spot on Pine Key yet most people have never heard of it. This abandoned limestone quarry is filled with crystal clear water. Here you can see fish such as Pacu and Oscars, turtles, alligators and various birds can be found here.  Alligators can often be seen hugging the shoreline, lazily sunning themselves. Found in the National Key Deer Refuge this is a fun spot to visit and it is Free!

ramrod Key - slhBoondocks Grille & Drafthouse – A great happy hour spot on Ramrod Key is at Boondocks Grille and Drafthouse. Here between the hours of 4-6 pm you can get half priced beer and wine and half priced appetizers. The day we went we had 10 hot wings for $5.50 and 10 conch fritters for $5.00. Along with a few cold adult beverages and we had a nice inexpensive dinner and evening in the Keys.

The Green Parrot Bar located in downtown Key West on Whitehead street. It is, in our opinion, the best place to go for a high energy fun time in Key West. Happy hour is 4-7 pm but expect to pay more for any drink even during happy hour when downtown (at least they give you free popcorn). The vibe and feel of this place allows for a collection of regulars and tourists to come together with some live music and create a very fun filled evening. I loved their logo “No Sniveling.” I rate this place as a downtown Key West Road Treat!

Looe Key Reef Resort has a wonderful tike bar that is a must visit on Tuesday nights! Why Tuesdays? It is taco night at the tiki bar. From 4-7 pm you can get half priced beer and wine along with $.79 tacos- Wow! You have the option of beef or chicken on soft or hard shells. We tried them all and we recommend that you get the chicken on soft tortillas and for $2.37 you can have 3 tacos. Toss in a couple of adult beverages and for less than $5.00 you can have a small dinner in the Keys! Prices like these for eating out are unheard of here in the Keys…100_5342

So the next time we go to the Keys (or when you go to them) these are some of the things and places that we really enjoyed and we will have “do overs” on, when we return!!!


  1. You guys are lucky lucky lucky I love that place.

  2. Nice travel synopsis! Don't think I'll ever get there, but enjoyed reading about it. :)

  3. This is GREAT. Thanks so much for it. I've got it marked in my Florida folder. Now I have an insiders view and they are always the best. Wish everyone, including myself, would do a synopsis of what they recommend in any place they've been long enough to do that.

    Thanks again. REALLY appreciate this.

  4. Thanks for sharing all these great places with us. That is probably the only way we will ever experience them. Too expensive down there for we Frugal Travelers, but loved looking at your pictures of it.

  5. gotta love hose Happy Hours! looks like you have it covered.

  6. Great job. Enjoyed visiting with you all these neat places.

  7. I can't wait to get to Key West!