Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chilling in Aberdeen, NC…


We have been taking it easy the last few days and started to do some catch up work around the place. While we were in Nashville we stopped by a Sams Warehouse and bought a new printer to replace our printer that became a trip casualty right after we first headed out. You see, we put everything away before hitting the road like we were suppose to d but one time we left the printer on a shelf fending for itself. While in transit it got jettisoned across the bedroom and landed on the bedroom floor. While it still worked at the time it made a gawd-awful noise when it printed…100_4450

Well we needed to print some papers and sign them for our real estate agent back home before we left for Nashville and it of course decided not to print for us.  Chalk this up as one of those unexpected expenses of RV’ing :). Then to top things off the wife’s five year old laptop decided to call it quits when the power supply finally gave out. It also fried some RAM in the laptop when it decided to blow… so we have another big ticket item to purchase very soon. This needs to be bought ASAP since she said early on in this adventure that she didn’t need dish or satellite TV since she could see all her favorite TV shows on her laptop. Well her favorite shows and mine are quite different so we are shopping furiously for a new one. ;)

100_4457100_4444Also, we finally got our diode wiring kit and light relays as well as our quick release brackets for the toad for towing behind the motorhome. I will have to install all this pretty soon. I have read this is a big job and may take 4-6 hours with most of the time involved trying to feed the wires from the front of the Honda CRV to the rear where the tail lights are. I will attempt the job but not sure I will be able to finish it without some assistance. Need to get all this done before we head up north in about a month from now…

NOTE: Photos of some buildings in Nashville, TN have been added to this blog, and as you know clicking on any of them will enlarge them…


  1. Life sucks, retired but still have work to do!

    Painful~ painful~~~~~!

  2. Hey, if you are planning a stop to see the Smokies, check out Holiday RV Park in Cherokee, NC. Beautiful, well-kept campground, nice open sites on Cherokee Land. We spent a couple of weeks there and found it sooooo relaxing. Convenient to Smoky Mtns National Park, casino, etc. Enjoy!

  3. gotta love the unexpected kinda keeps you on your toes, good luck with your spare time.

  4. We always enjoy visiting Nashville. We had to buy a new printer this year so did our friends. Must be the year of the printer.

  5. Sorry to hear about the expenses. We had a brake/caliper issue about a week after we started out.

    I've always insisted in everything being in the "cupboards" and there being tied shut so luckily we haven't had anything bouncing but I know a lot of folks who have.

    Curious to know what sort of internet you are using that you can watch TV on your laptop?


  6. The internet wifi we pick up locally is good enough to provide a choppy internet feed... but I watched the entire men's final four championship on my Droid phone and it worked perfectly with very few hitches.