Sunday, April 17, 2011

A simple life…

100_4280Boondocking here in North Carolina has magnified just how simple life has become… We wake near sunrise and after about 8:00 am I fire up the generator to recharge the batteries and to more importantly make the morning coffee. The morning coffee is a simple ritual that I have preserved from our sticks and bricks life. I am still enjoying coffee from the fine beans roasted by a friend at Cool Beans in College Station, Texas. The beans that we have left came from a one pound bag given to me by one of my coworkers as a parting retirement gift and they are much appreciated (Thanks Bill!).

100_4283Once the coffee has been thoroughly enjoyed we tend to lounge around the RV catching up on reading and conversation and then we begin to plan out the remaining day’s tasks or adventures. I prefer the adventures but lately we have been focusing on the task of ensuring our CRV is ready to be towed behind the motorhome for our future travels. Having finally gotten the remaining parts for the tow bar system all we have left to do is hook up our brake light diode system.

I scoured the internet for advise, assistance, and hopefully photo details or a video on how to do install the diodes and came up with very little. I 100_4322do have a plan on how to do it and spent the good part of a recent day snaking the wire from the front of the CRV to the back and up to the taillights only to discover I would need two additional diodes and one more adapter to complete the task.

Our day usually includes us getting in a good walk or bike ride in the beautiful settings here in the Pinehurst and Aberdeen areas. A recent bike around around the City Reservoir park in Southern Pines was absolutely delightful and a recommended place to visit if in the area. Some days we visit a local brewery called the Railhouse Brewery for a cold freshly crafted beer – today’s was a Brown Ale that was wonderful. This is a Road Treat that you must visit. Click on the link to read more about the brewery in my other blog - Road Treats!

100_4312The day usually concludes with us preparing dinner in the RV and sharing a glass or wine and candlelight and conversing about how lucky we are to have been able to retire early. Sharon has even begun to master cooking bread in the convection microwave. Lastly, we fire up the generator at dark to shower, watch a bit of TV, and to recharge the batteries for the night and look forward to the next day. Life is rough…

P.S. We were spared from all the destruction that occurred in North Carolina… Our hearts go out to those who lost life and or property in this disaster…


  1. I'm glad to hear you didn't have any issues with all the bad weather.

    It sure sounds like you are enjoying your new life. I'm hoping the sale of our house will go through and we'll be doing the same thing next month!

  2. Sounds like you all have settled into this wonderful lifestyle!!
    Glad you were spared any problems with the weather. We sure have been having some tough stuff lately.
    Stay safe!!

  3. Sounds like a great life. I love my convection oven but never thought about baking bread in it - guess that will be a future project.

  4. Yes, RV life is really tough sometimes, but someone has to live it....Glad you made it through the storms ok..I'll have to try some bread in my convection oven. It does everything else perfectly.

  5. What a schedule! You sound very compatible and comfortable in your RV, I'm so glad its working out so well for you. Just think of all the great times to come!

    Thank goodness the storms passed you by. That's so scarey.

  6. Nothing like a good cup of coffee no mater were you are.

  7. Glad to hear you that you got through the storms unscathed. Same here for us visiting the OBX. Lots of lightning and thunder, high winds, and a deluge of rains, but no damage in the immediate area. It was chilling to see the downed trees in Duck when we ventured there today ... just about 60 miles north of where we are camped.

  8. Glad to hear you made it through the bad weather. Sounds like you're really settling into your new life and enjoying every minute of it!

  9. Karen and Al - good luck with the house sale we are still trying to sell ours as well.

    Happytrails - how can you not like this lifestyle!

    Margie and Roger and pidge - the convection makes great bread...

    Me and My Dog - my biggest worry in this lifestyle is the bad weather

    Merikay - you said it about the coffee

    E Squared and Mui - glad the bad stuff missed you too.

    The Gypsy G-Mas - yes we have learned to really like the way the things have turned out.

  10. That is exactly the kind of days we are looking for:)