Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day trip to Wilmington NC…

100_4486With senior day consuming a lot of our time it was decided we should do something for fun. So we hooked up with a couple of the parents of another senior at Campbell University and set our sights on a visit to the coastal town of Wilmington. We knew it was still a bit cold for any quality beach time but we thought just visiting the historic downtown area would be just what the doctor ordered.

100_4481      100_4483100_4484      100_4485

We drove about an hour and ten minutes over to Dunn, NC to meet our friends who were going to drive the rental they had down to Wilmington. The drive was uneventful and after another hour and a half we were there. What seemed to be a 100_4474great day to head to Wilmington almost turned out to be a disaster… the Azalea Festival was going to start the day we headed down to Wilmington with a projected crowd of 300,000 to visit over the coming four days… WOW that is a lot of people! Not being a crowds kind of person I was glad we were early in the day.

We got there early enough that they were still setting up many booths and multiple stages for musicians that would be entertaining the crowd later that evening. There was going to be lots of vendors and activities for the crowd. They had a replica of an old 1880’s sailing ship that a tour was being given on and a coast guard ship as well. The coast guard ship had some interesting decals on the side, one of which I guessed was busting drug smugglers but the other I had no clue… Look at the picture below closely at the decals… Do you know what the other one is for?100_4475

We decided to do a tour of the older homes in the downtown area. It was really interesting to hear all the history this area had to offer. When we have more time to visit we will definitely return to the Wilmington area for a more lengthy stay in the future. 


  1. Could the decal be for rescues? Beautiful old homes... :)

  2. I just love those historic old houses! What a beautiful area.

  3. I enjoy touring historic homes as well. There are a lot more of them on your coast than in the west.

  4. The ribbons look similar to what my son has earned in the Air Force. Can't think of anything for the E or O. The green ones look like the marijuana leaf, so, like you said, maybe they were drug busts...for marijuana possession.

  5. The decals displayed under the ribbons are 'Snowflakes' or Cocaine Interdiction stickers & Marijuana Leaf stickers. Each representing a significant drug seizures conducted by the crew of the ship.