Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Mrs. - Has it really been a month already?

048The days have been so jammed packed with pure joy; I hadn’t realized how fast it has gone by. I dearly love the ability to watch our daughter play her last year of softball here in North Carolina and she seems to enjoy having us nearby. The best part is the morning……(who knew because I used to dislike mornings). I love waking up when I want to, enjoying my coffee, my husband and the views at every turn.

I also love “nesting” in our new little home, and as long as it is tidy, it feels quite spacious. A full-out cleaning inside the entire RV top to bottom takes no more than a couple of hours so I do it on laundry day. 016This allows me the joy of having everything clean and fresh. (Is that weird lol?) Surprisingly I don’t miss my old dishwasher because I actually enjoy washing our dishes by hand, drying them and putting them away. I swear our silverware and glassware appear shinier…maybe the dishwasher detergent leaves a film? The closet had been a big problem until the 056DH customized it for us (much to my relief). You see, I am so short that I need a stool in the kitchen to reach the above cabinets, and before the closet solution, I needed that same stool to reach my clothes. Now I can see AND REACH everything. The shelving provided us more organized storage which is great and best of all; nothing falls down when we travel. Whew!

Do I miss home? Yes family and friends are farther away; pedicures are fewer and farther between; my hairdresser was fantastic…. I just remind myself they are a text, call or email away. It’s funny I REALLY 055thought I’d miss having access to endless TV channels. So far we have been so busy that I watch little or no TV (and to me this is shocking)! Even on rainy days I find I have much more fun making bread or bagels, playing on the internet or rediscovering how fun just hanging out with my spouse can be. Sooo…. At this one month point….. Life is great….no regrets.



  1. Like you, I have no regrets. We started RVing 3 1/2 years ago and I thought I would miss my gardening. Nope, I don't, instead I just admire all the beautiful gardens that we pass while walking or driving. I definitely like the fact that cleaning is done so quickly, so more time to read or just enjoy the sights and sounds.

    Continue enjoying life.

    Kevin and Ruth

  2. I think on the scale of an RV, even a big one, I will be better able to do the cleaning needed. Since everything should have a place and most needs to be stowed when moving, I think things will stay neater as well.

    I know this sounds silly, but I have been practicing cooking as if I'm in an RV and really like having most of the dishes done, before we eat! I do them as I go.

    Still use the dishwasher, I'm not that much of a fanatic. I'll use it while i have it!

  3. I, too, love hand-washing dishes. Sometimes I spike my dishwater with pure essential lemon oil. It makes the experience even more pleasant!I think the detergents that are used in dishwashers are hard on flatware and glasses. Happy trails!

  4. Your blog today made me smile!

    Being "vertically challenged" as well, I know what you mean about the top cupboards. I have a little folding stool I use. Didn't have that problem with the closet.

    BUT I did give up my dishwasher years ago becuase of the film that I simply could not get to disappear no matter what "tricks" or "products" I used. It's definitely fun washing dishes when your time is your own.

    That's the BEST thing about no more J*#. No one tells you when to get up or when to do anything. Just GREAT!

    Thanks for the smiles!


  5. Just think...that's the first month of many, many more happy months of relaxing adventures.

  6. I do laundry and clean on the same day too.. I am like you and love the smell of everything being clean on the same day. Congrats on your first month!!

  7. Me I can't wait to be were you are. A small space, easy to maintain and no longer having a three story home. The steps keep me in shape or are killing me I'm not sure which. I'm imagining a lot more energy without them. Maybe I'll go MT. climbing. Congratulations on your successful journey's.

  8. You sound so happy, and I'm so happy for you! I already wash dishes by hand, so I won't miss the dishwasher. But I'm glad to hear the TV isn't a big deal for you now. I live alone and often have it on in the background, but my RV park starting June 1 won't have cable access. I'm hoping my laptop will be enough. I hope all your full-time months ahead will be as wonderful as the first one! :)

  9. Wow!!!! Thanks for your kind and encouraging comments. In answer to the laptop being enough, there are full episodes of my favorite shows on or all without as many commercials :)

  10. You're right about the smaller house, being very livable, hand washing dishes, baking, cooking for two, enjoying each others company and watch very little tv, if any. We can read, compute, sightsee, plan adventures and enjoy the traveling, meeting new people, the great outdoors, even still after almost 6 years on the road it is amazing!

  11. We love the lifestyle too! Just watch out...pretty soon it'll be 2 years and you'll still be wondering how it could all go past so fast :)