Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Last Days in College Station, Texas…


The day arrived marking our departure from North Carolina to Texas after Sharon’s extended stay to help Katie and Brooks after Allie’s birth..We leave fully assured Allie is in good hands and are happy Sharon had the opportunity to help give Allie a great start in life. We know Allie’s mom and dad are now fully prepared to be a great parents to our newest sweet grandbaby.


We went to the Raleigh airport and bid our farewells. We noticed airport security was full of people and when we boarded our flight every seat in our plane was full. We also were glad to see that for the most part people were wearing their masks as required. The second leg of our flight out of Charlotte NC was the same. We arrived in Austin TX without any issue and were back in College Station TX a few hours later.


We only had a few days left in College Station after returning from NC so Sharon wanted to see everything she could see in our old hometown before it was time to go. Our two favorite places for a walk were the Texas A&M University campus and the George Bush Presidential library.


Texas A&M is one of the largest universities in America with nearly 70,000 students attending it annually. It is a sprawling campus with plenty of space to choose several different lengthy walks. We always enjoy the historic buildings and reminiscing about about the excitement surrounding game days of football, basketball, soccer and softball. Football tailgating with friends was just fantastic.


We actually learned something new about Texas A&M this time around. There is a statue of James Earl Rudder we have seen a zillion times but the history of it Earl’s namesake building, Rudder Tower, has a story behind it. Rudder Tower is 110 ft. tall and was designed as such to be the exact height of the cliffs at Point Du Hoc where Rudder and his rangers scaled the cliffs clearing WWII German gun batteries thereby making it safe for the D-Day invasion to begin. This story added to the treasure trove of history and tradition that abound at our beloved Texas A&M University.


George Bush library has a wonderful little walk behind the library circling a pond with lots of flowers and a little bridge walk over to the family cemetery. It was really a treat to walk because the recent rain made the grass especially green and the flowers resplendent.

Another great place we like to walk is Lick Creek Park in College Station. It is a large city park of 523 acres with walking & jogging trails along with a wildlife and nature center. There are some nice long trails there but at this time of year it was really beginning to get hot. Worse than the heat is the humidity as it always measures around 80 to 90 percent this time of year. High humidity always makes higher temperatures nearly unbearable.


Lastly we had time enough to revisit some of our former haunts for happy hour at the Northgate District as well as some of our more recently discovered venues around town. All too quickly our time was up in College Station and it was time again for us to get our wheels rolling On the Road of Retirement…


NOTE:  We are currently in San Angelo, Texas until June 28th…

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