Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Where the heck is that RV park?


Leaving Waco we headed further NW with our next stop at a COE park near Coleman Texas. We sure didn’t know that this day would be an adventure but it was…

I put the address to Flat Rock Park Campground into the GPS and off we went. I checked out the roads on Google Earth figuring that even though the roads were smaller and narrow it shouldn’t be a big deal to get there. Little did we know…


As we neared Brownwood Texas we found our route north on TX 279 then on to CR 2632 where we finally found Flat Rock Campground. I parked and disconnected the CRV since the office was apparently further down the road than the turn into Flat Rock Campground was.


Sharon drove down to the office and when she got back I could tell by her body language that something was wrong. As she entered the RV she informed me that the lady said the campground was full for the summer and we had not reserved a site. Confused I got back on the laptop to check out the park only to discover there are two parks called Flat Rock Campground and we were at the wrong one.


After travel planning for ten years I have never encountered two campgrounds in relatively close proximity with the same name.Anyway,we entered the new address to Flat Rock Campground noting it was an additional 43 miles west of where we were. Now we were following the route of small roads I hadn't had time to check out on Google Earth as we hit the road.


Fortunately, other than a few hills will narrow roads we found Hord’s Creek Lake but couldn’t seem to find Flat Rock Park Campground. We did find an entry to the COE park named Friendship Park. I drove in and asked the gate attendant if this was Flat Rock Campground and she said it was even though it is called Friendship Park on the sign. Gee whiz!


We drove a good ways into the park and passed another defunct entrance gate with a sign bearing the name, Flat Rock Park. It apparently once had its own entrance road to the gate which is now closed. It has thus become part of Friendship Park.


Our site was incredible as it even had it’s own screened in shelter on it. We certainly enjoyed our waterfront view and our 50 amp power on these warm days. We walked down to the lake and discovered a large field of Texas Bluebells. We also drove into the town of Coleman to check out Teddy’s Brewhaus which was housed in a historic building. The inside of it was really cool and the draft beer was pretty good too  Thank goodness as the saying goes, “all’s well that ends well”.

NOTE:  We are currently in Big Spring, Texas until June 30th…


  1. I'm laughing. How long did you spend in Teddy's anyway? Sure looks like the Teddy's in Bwd, along with the long empty Bwd Hotel. Yes. Hord's Creek is NICE. Thanks for the bluebells photos.....

    1. We stayed at Teddy's long enough to get over this ordeal...

    2. I'm sure you didn't have too much adult beverage. I was just kidding. Just that it's not in Coleman as you said, so I got amused. Hope you continue to have a nice time at Hord's Creek.

  2. Well, that's an adventure I'm sure you hope to never repeat. It's surprising to run into trouble with a COE facility. I do know that the COE has two campgrounds called Seven Points, but luckily they're not near each other. One is in Tennessee; the other is in Pennsylvania. Love that campsite and its view!

    1. The only down side here was poor Verizon connectivity.