Thursday, June 17, 2021

Sharon Blogs About Our New Grandbaby Allie!


When our daughter, Katie became pregnant she asked if I would come to help her after the birth. Of course I agreed! John and I made plans around the delivery date but ended up having to scramble for an earlier flight since Katie developed pre-eclampsia necessitating a scheduled C-section because little Allie Rose was also breech and refused to turn even after a hospital procedure to try to flip her. John worked some magic and had me in North Carolina the day after Brooks, Katie and Allie came home from the hospital.


My plan was to cook, clean and do laundry giving Brooks and Katie the opportunity to bond with little Allie.  The first few weeks had to be lived completely downstairs in their 2 story home since Katie was not allowed to navigate the stairs while healing from surgery.  Thankfully they had given plenty of thought to arranging for living downstairs so we had a bassinet, changing table and sleeping arranged for the new parents on their sectional couches. I slept in the guest room upstairs.


Because Allie is absolutely irresistible,  it wasn’t long before I was asking to help with her care especially when the new parents suffered from sleep deprivation. Those early morning baby snuggles will be etched in my memory forever.  I know little Allie won’t remember my time with her but I surely will cherish it. Katie and I also had many priceless moments together while getting to know Allie.  Katie is a wonderful mother and never ceases to amaze me. Its heartwarming to see your baby with a baby!


Katie and Brooks are wonderful parents despite the sleep deprivation and through the confusing times when baby is fussy.  They probably could have handled it all on their own but I am so glad I was able to stay with them to take some of the chores off their hands so they could savor this exciting time. 


Toward the end of my eleven week stay, John came out for a week to meet Allie which was so wonderful as I REALLY missed him terribly.  Baby Allie took to him right away and loves him just as I do.  We really had a wonderful stay but it was time to let the little family establish their routine. It was also time for me to resume my beloved lifestyle at home with my husband who I have an even greater appreciation for after being apart so long.. We are just not meant to be apart. 


I took so many pictures of beautiful Allie and want to share them with you all just as we have done with our other two grand children Cameron and Adrianne.  Aren’t grandkids THE BEST?


NOTE:  We are currently in Waco, Texas until June 18th…


  1. Congratulations to all !! 💕

  2. What a sweet and heartwarming post! With no offense whatsoever to John . . . Sharon, you should take to the keyboard more often - it was a treat to hear from you. Allie Rose is a precious little baby with a most beautiful smile. Best wishes to her and to her Mom and Dad!

    1. No offense taken, I'll see what I can do to get Sharon to contribute more often.

  3. Good post Sharon. That photo of you holding Allie is a keeper for sure. It's one she will want to have when she gets older.