Sunday, June 27, 2021

Visiting Waco Texas for a few Days…


With Sharon and I finally back together it was time to do what we do best… hit the road! Leaving College Station is always a bit sad especially when we were unable to see some of our good friends because our time was limited due to our NC visit. However as we head west our first stop will be to see more friends in Waco Texas.


We usually stay at Airport Park in Waco since it is close to our friends. It is also a Corps of Engineers Park meaning we will have an inexpensive stay with our America the Beautiful Pass utilizing the half price camping. I wondered why it was harder for me to book a site at this park as I was only able to get two nights together.but when we arrived it was obvious why!


After checking in we discovered the entry road to our camping loop was closed due to flooding as the lake was way above flood level. As a result we figured out would have to drive the RV in reverse from the exit road on the loop to our site so we could pull in the right way. RV’ing is always an adventure.


After settling in, we called our friends Chuck and Patty to let them know we made it to town. They immediately invited us over to their house to enjoy their backyard pool and have some dinner. I should mention that Patty has a green thumb and as a result has a lush and beautifully landscape backyard.


I should also admit that although we spent two evenings with Chuck and Patty at their pool while also enjoying wonderful dinners, I can’t believe we never took any pictures of them while we were visiting! Oh well, there will always be next time. Sharon can fondly remember our visit since Patty gifted her an essential oil diffuser with same nice oils as well.


When not visiting our friends we enjoyed what Waco had to offer. Of course no visit to Waco is complete without a visit to the Silos where Chip and Joanna Gaines have transformed what was once a dilapidated part of town into a bustling tourist center. Visitors really must try some of the treats at their bakery but be warned there will likely be a wait in line for the delicious goodies…


We also took a stroll around the Baylor University campus. This private Baptist affiliated university was chartered in 1845 and is the oldest continuously operating university in Texas! It serves just under 20,000 students and has a bear habitat on campus. Bear habitat, you say? Yes their mascot is a Bear and as such they have a pair of bears on campus housed in a zoo-like setting.


Before leaving Waco we were also able to sneak in a round of Disc Golf at Cameron Park Disc Golf Course along the Brazos River. With it being hot in central Texas this time of year we sure enjoyed playing on a mostly shaded course. We also were very glad to visit our friends. It was a real treat seeing them, enjoying their pool and their company once again!

NOTE:  We are currently in San Angelo, Texas until June 28th…

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  1. I was moved by your earlier descriptions of looking forward to Sharon's return. I know I'd be the same way if Karen was gone for a while.

    But going to Waco, well we can differ on that one. Spent time at Fort Hood. Hottest place on earth and I have the scars from the sun to prove it. But, if good friends are there then can't fault a guy for visiting the place.