Thursday, May 5, 2016

Hiking and Visiting in Lockhart State Park, Tx…


After leaving College Station Texas we headed about 120 miles west over to what I like to call the Bar-B-Q Capitol of the World. With four very good BBQ places in the town it is the perfect stop for us BBQ craving people. The best place to stay there in our opinion is Lockhart State Park.


We pulled into the park, set up and went out for a nice short hike. There are several great hikes in this state park and there is also a very nice 9 hole golf course. When making a reservation a site is reserved but upon arrival it is first-come first-served. Therefore we try to get in early on a weekday so we can get a site facing the 9 hole course. We scored one and what better place to be than on our “country club” lot only a few miles from some fabulous BBQ.


Since it still late spring  we saw some wildflowers blooming in the park. We took a lot of photos of them as we hiked on many of the trails within the park. Late spring flowers are starting to give way to some to the early summer ones which for the most part will be yellow or white ones.

imageRV Park Haven and Lockhart SP 009

RV Park Haven and Lockhart SP 004RV Park Haven and Lockhart SP 009

We even had a little excitement here one day as apparently an elderly woman hurt herself while hiking in the hills of the park. Upon returning from town where we got some BBQ  we saw a helicopter circling the hills and wondered what it was doing. After a short while the helicopter hoisted a basket up from the ground carrying the lady. It landed a short way from us in one of the roughs on the golf course and delivered the lady to a waiting ambulance. We don’t know what happened but certainly hope the lady is okay.

College Station and Lockhart State Park 002College Station and Lockhart State Park 001

Our son and his family also came up for the weekend and once again we had a grand time with them and as always enjoy seeing the grandkids. We played, hiked, built a fire and, of course, ate some BBQ. As for the BBQ we found that overall the quality had dropped from all of our previous stays. Our usual favorite, Smitty’s BBQ, was our least favorite this year which certainly surprised us.


We felt Black’s BBQ was the best this time around with Chisolm Trail a very close second. Kreuz BBQ came in third. Lockhart State Park has smokers at each campsite so while there we also smoked some pork tenderloins which would have sored very well against the four BBQ places we visited.

College Station and Lockhart State Park 023College Station and Lockhart State Park 012

All in all, we enjoyed our five day stay at Lockhart but once again it was time to move on to our current location at Canyon Lake Texas…


  1. Today is Cinco de Mayo. I was planning on tacos for lunch, but Texas BBQ is sounding good.

  2. So nice to be moving around the country, new places and new faces, even if we have been there before.