Sunday, May 8, 2016

Scenic Loop Drive - Canyon Lake, Tx to Luckenbach Tx…


We left Lockhart State Park and hit the road a little before noon since there was some rain predicted to hit the area by 1 pm. It was another short day of driving (the way we prefer it) with the journey west being a bit more than 44 miles. Our destination is a park we frequent in the spring called Lake Pointe RV Resort. It is right on Canyon Lake just about 40 minutes north of our son’s house in San Antonio. This will be the last place to stay to see the grandkids before moving in a more northerly direction.


Our son had a Wednesday off so he drove from San Antonio for a visit.  Since he had never been to Luckenbach Texas I picked out a nice 100 mile loop through the Texas hill country hoping to see the last of the wildflowers that were still out before it gets hot in Texas and turns everything mostly brown.

Texas Hill Country 019

What a great loop it turned out to be! I am not sure I have ever seen so many wildflowers blanketing the sides of the roads at this time of year. There were fields of yellow everywhere! It took us a long time to get to Luckenbach for lunch because we kept stopping by the side of the road and ooooooh’ing and aawwwwwww’ing at all the splendors of nature. Mostly there were yellow flowers but with occasional splashes of reds and violets and every now and then a large splash of whites were painted on nature's canvas.

Texas Hill Country 003Texas Hill Country 020

At Luckenbach we did the customary stop to listen to some of the pickers on the back porch and of course had a nice cold Shiner Bock beer with our picnic lunch. Jason seemed to enjoy the moment and especially got a kick out of the roosters wandering around the premises seemingly unafraid of any of the patrons of the premises.  We also had a cat leap upon the picnic table to check out what we were having for lunch and to laze around in the noon sunshine. After lunch we continued on to our loop.


More yellows, more splashes of white and more beautiful landscapes were all along this route. We even spotted some exotic wildlife (a nice pair of Sika deer) along with the normal whitetail deer. We even saw a few turkeys crossing the road but the true highlight was seeing a grey fox meandering its way across a flowered meadow and it is always fun seeing some of nature's more elusive creatures!

Texas Hill Country 010Texas Hill Country 017

Continuing on we stopped in Blanco to check out the state park to see if we could find a good site in case we want to stop there next. It has really grown over since we last visited here and nearly every site will require the subtle kissing of green leafed braches along the sides and top of our RV. It was enough so that we are considering bypassing this site. Our last stop was showing Jason one of our favorite Texas breweries, Real Ale, where he and Sharon enjoyed a brown ale.

Texas Hill Country 004

After a short ride from Blanco we were back to Canyon Lake having completed our 100 mile loop. We settled in for a blackened catfish dinner at home while reminiscing about our great spring day in the Texas Hill Country…


  1. Did you have to stop for fuel or eat lunch on the long 44 mile trip. Lol
    The wild flowers are gorgeous!

  2. We did that same Loop a few years ago and loved it.
    Have also enjoyed Luckenbach a few times as well.
    Nice to see all the wildflowers.

  3. Love the loop trip. My son just visited Blanco State Park the other day during a day trip. They loved it but he made the same comment you did about the overgrown branches and damage to RV roofs and sides. You confirmed it and that will probably take it off my list. It seems like this is a problem at so many state parks and even private campgrounds. It is like they don't understand how expensive it is to replace a roof on an RV.