Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Wichita Falls Texas, My Birthplace and Visiting our Great Nephew…

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With rain in the forecast we started up the old RV and hit the road by 10:00 with our task at hand simply driving about 91 miles north to Wichita Falls, Texas. My original target was Lake Arrowhead but when I checked their website it said the whole park was closed due to flooding! Oh well, Plan B! We drove over to a little city park called River Bend RV Park which our RV friend Jim told us about when we were in Belton.


The park was simple to find and located right in the middle of Wichita Falls! This is certainly a town I never thought I would return to.  I was born here and my parents retired very close to here but I never really cared for this town nor this part of Texas. So why are we here now? Well this year we came because my sister’s son had a baby boy so we are here to see our new Great Nephew!

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The park is really a gem other than its proximity to the highway but we are not normally bothered by noise with our double paned windows closed and the A/C running. The park has 17 sites with many being pull through. Some are only 30 amp but many are also 50 amp. All have water (although some are not working due to recent flooding) and none of them have sewer (there is a dump station onsite however). There are no facilities of any kind but it is only $17 per night. Best of all there is a suspension bridge crossing the “not so scenic” Wichita River ( which is red due to its heavy silt load) leading into Lucy Park.


Lucy Park is a huge park with miles of trails and best of all for us, it also has a really good 18 hole disc golf course. The course is long but lined with many trees with only a few water hazards. We noticed a good amount of mud in the area due to the Wichita River overflowing recently but we had a blast getting in a fun round of disc golf.

imageMineral Wells and Wichita Falls TX 013

However, the reason we came was to see my nephew Steven, his wife Lauryn and their recently born son, Graham (our Great Nephew). Therefore, I arranged to meet the family along with my sister at a local burrito spot. Steven sent me list of four local hot spots for lunch and I chose Severiana Sanchez Burritos mainly because we are leaving Texas and don’t anticipate a lot of real good Mexican food once we leave.


The burritos were fabulous, especially the really scrumptious home-made flour tortillas. My carne asada was good but Sharon’s barbacoa burrito was the bomb. With the good company and the opportunity for us to hold and interact with our Great Nephew Graham, it made for a perfect lunchtime gathering. After lunch we bid our farewells and returned home to the RV.


One cool thing about this place is there is an albino Blue Jay bird (see the header picture) that seems to be all around us. Seeing him or her is such a thrill and we are wondering  if it is an omen for something… We are also pondering where to go next… stay here another night… go east to a casino… or head north to Oklahoma City. As has been the tendency of late, we will let the weather decide...

[NOTE: We stayed another night and played more disc golf at Lucy Park!]


  1. Congratulations! Graham looks like a happy camper! We were there a few years ago and rode our bikes in the rain thru Lucy park to view the postcard picture of Wichita Falls - but it was dry! The water had been turned off due to the drought! Whoda thunk? Enjoy the family and a few rounds of golf.

    1. Thanks! I have actually only seen the falls with water once!

  2. Nice that you got to visit and the beauty of his lifestyle is we are flexible.
    Keep having fun.

  3. Stay safe with the crazy weather.

  4. Let us know if you end up spending a night in Kansas City on your way north.

    email is mseneker@hotmail.com

  5. I would love to see that albino Blue Jay!