Thursday, May 26, 2016

Leaving Texas to a New State for our RV–Oklahoma…

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We did end up staying an extra day in Wichita Falls as the bad weather was north of us (where we planned to go that day). Having missed out of the severe weather to our north and with more predicted we decided to move east and miss the bad weather predicted. We broke camp and drove east along the Texas and Oklahoma border over to highway 35 where we turned north to cross into Oklahoma.


Oklahoma is a new state for our RV but not for me as I lived in Altus, Oklahoma when I was an eleventh grader. We also frequented Oklahoma City by car when we lived in College Station while Katie played Gold Softball in High School.  Anyway our plan was to visit the Winstar Casino, the largest casino in Oklahoma.  The gaming area is 519,000 square feet. It is actually called Winstar World Casino as its exterior and interior are modeled after cities like Beijing, New York, London, Paris, etc. We thought it would be fun to visit.


I really dislike being in Oklahoma in the late spring as it is known as tornado alley but nevertheless here we are. Thank goodness our site at the Winstar Casino’s RV park is directly across from one of the designated tornado shelters. When we checked into the Casino’s RV park we were told that if we signed up for a player’s card the first night would be free and then it would be $21.45 for our second night. We also discovered a new player card promotion where after earning 5 points on the card, $25 would automatically be added to the card which could be used anywhere in the casino.  I then wondered how much we would have to gamble to get those 5 points!

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The Casino’s RV park was really nice with full hookups, WIFI and some of the largest all concrete pads we have ever encountered. There are lounges, restrooms, a laundry facility (with $1.00 machines) and even a pool. (we did take advantage of their laundry room our second day).

After setting up, rather than catching one of their free shuttles we decided to walk over to the casino since it was only about 1/2 a mile away. The lady that checked us in at the RV park said the casino is over a mile long from end to end and we walked the entire length but didn’t really feel like we walked a mile.  It really is big so it took us awhile before we found some penny video poker machines.  We played about an hour and lost a whole 30 cents noticing we never even earned one point on my card.

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Before leaving I tried a really good odds video poker machine (25 cent machine with 9/5 odds) and played $5.00 to see what it took to earn a point. Well we were hitting the cards well and after about 40 minutes of playing we earned the five points and still had $2.50 from my $5.00 bill. So we spent $2.50 to earn $25.00! Score!  After that we decided we should get Sharon a card the next day and try again!

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And so we did… However, we weren’t quite as lucky the second time around but after playing our money plus what we got from the promo ($50) we did manage to be up a little after we finished playing. We also found out that on Wednesday seniors (that’s us) are offered a free breakfast buffet with a players card. SO we got one night free camping, $50 in free play and each got a breakfast buffet. I say we made out very well indeed!

Next up for us will be the fairgrounds in Norman Oklahoma… Let’s hope the weather gods are on our side!


  1. We were in OK City this time a few years back. We were there for the college softball playoffs. We got into three tornadoes. We said that is enough and up and left before the first game started :(

    1. we were hoping to get tickets to the super regional starting tonight but it was sold out :(

  2. We really enjoyed our first trip through Oklahoma. But one does watch the weather constantly. The Memorial was so well done and so moving. Be safe:)

  3. We really enjoyed our first trip through Oklahoma. But one does watch the weather constantly. The Memorial was so well done and so moving. Be safe:)

  4. We really must stay there, sounds like a good deal.

  5. You passed us going up I-35. We live 10 miles outside of the other side of Denton. My son is a Supervisor at Winstar too. We own a motorhome and love it, a 2015 Thor Challenger, but hubby George is still working so most of our trips are in Texas and surrounding states although we've been to Florida and Tennessee too. Hopefully, he will retire within the next three years. At the moment though, we are headed to Tipsaw Lake in the Hoosier National Forest in Indiana near a town that is supposed to be fun and with a lot of history called French Lick. (My sister lives in Indiana and is our guide this trip.) I've been following your blog for awhile and enjoy it. Maybe we will see you down the road one of these days!

  6. It's official--we are staying at the Casino next time we are heading home to Oklahoma. We have stopped at that Casino just for a good place to get exercise when we've been traveling in the car, but we have never camped there. Someone told us the Casino in El Reno has free camping, but we've never checked that out for ourselves. It won't be nearly as fancy, but we always like free!