Monday, December 7, 2009

First look at the RV's...

Well we finally ventured out to look at RV's for the first time.  We had pretty much decided initial that we wanted a Class C in the range of 29-32feet.  After a lot of research and me asking questions on chat groups in various forums we were beginning to believe that we would be better off in a Class A of the same size as we were thinking before - 29-32 feet.

You see one of primary goals in our quest to full time in an RV is to be able to camp in some of the out of way spaces found in state parks, corp of engineer sites and other sites that may or may not limit access based upon the size of your RV.  In the research we have done most  recommend 30 feet or less but we have seen on some blogs RV's up to 34 feet claiming to camp in most of these sites.  We still need to ascertain the real truth.

So we had to pick up our daughter who was coming home for the xmas break from college. We stopped on the way over at a RV resale spot located near the airport for our first look at RV's.  Our goals were pretty simple for our first visit to an RV dealer:

1. We needed to see if there was anything about the small size that would scare us from succeeding in our quest
2. We needed to see if 29-32 feet of RV would be an issue or were we in need of longer/larger RV's
3. We needed to either keep or eliminate Class C's in our quest
4. We needed to get of feel for quality differences in RV's
5. We needed to get a feel for floorplans in the RV's

Well our trip was quite the success as we have now made several important decisions.  Most important is that we are not in the least bit scared to attempt this!  We have eliminated Class C's and for now 5'ers.  We like the kitchens that have a 2 door fridge and we need to find out if we can get them in the smaller RV's.  We learned that 30-34 feet of RV's is more than adequate for us with the right layouts and at least 2 slides. 

Next... learn more about size and it's constraints, start learning about models, decide between gas and diesel.... ahhhh the list goes on...


  1. Just found your blog. Good luck in your quest for the perfect RV. We have a 32 foot class A. We intend to full time in about 2 years. We are wishing it was just a little bit longer. The main reason is lack of comfortable seating. We have a bench dinette and a sleeper sofa. We will probably replace the sofa with 2 Euro style recliners. When you camp for a week, the sofa is fine, but to live in one, you need to be comfy! We're also planning on replacing the carpet with Allure flooring. Those are 2 of the things we will need to change. We have 2 slides.

  2. Yes Karen that seems to be the struggle in my mind... size vs comfort vs flexibility in places to stay... it is a difficult decision at best.