Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Last of the 50 things my RV could have...

I said there would probably be more and there is...

28. I want an electric Awning over main entrance
29. I prefer awnings over the windows
30. I want slide covers
31. I prefer a sliding storage tray in basement
32. I want electric storage tank dump valves
33. I want an automatic leveling system
34. I prefer one bedroom, separate from main living area
35. I prefer the slides be opposing in main living area
36. I prefer Washer and dryer space for stack-able units
37. I want additional batteries for extended boon docking
38. I want a generator
39. I want an inverter for converting DC to AC power
40. I want  solar panels for converting sunlight to DC power
41. I want a water heater that operates on AC power and propane
42. I prefer a heated basement compartments for freeze protection

43. I want a counter top extension in the kitchen
44. I prefer a separate A/C control for the bedroom and living areas
45. I want a large screen TV in living area and a small TV in the bedroom
46. I want a satellite system
47. I prefer diesel over gas but due to cost may get gas powered
48. I prefer a semi-monocoque over frame rail but cost may not allow that
49. I prefer to buy higher quality used than newer and lower quality
50. and lastly it must be suitable for fulltimers

Although this list is not exhaustive, and it is my no means complete, it will provide me guidance as I continue to seek out our future home on wheels...

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