Sunday, December 20, 2009

Too much information....

WOW!  What can I say... there is too much information to read about the possibilities of fulltiming!  I have decided I will need to break things into parts if I am going to ever be able to decide what is the best rig for us.  So what do we need to do next?

Well the next thing that I think my darling bride and I need to do is sit down and make a list of all the things we need in an RV that will ultimately be our house for an extended period of time.

Some things that come to my mind are the following:

1. It needs to *feel* comfortable
2. I want a living room/dining room slide
3. I think I want a bedroom slide
4. I must have a decent sized kitchen because I love to cook
5. I want a sturdy shower door
6. I want a bedroom with a queen bed (walk around) with a night stand/shelf  for my book, glasses, drink etc.
7. I want a dresser with at least 4 drawers and a closet of decent size
8. I think I want it to be not new but less than 5 years old
9. It should have less than 25000 miles
10. I hope to spend under $65k, out the door
11. I want double pane windows
12. I prefer an ice maker separate from the fridge (but can add this alter)
13. I think I need at least a 10 cubic foot Refrigerator
14. I want at least 2000 lbs. carrying capacity for our stuff
15.  I think I want the arctic insulation package
16.  We need adequate space on both sides of bed for ease in making it.
17. I want convenient access to dump valves
18. I want a large pantry
19. Windows in all the right places...
20 I need space for at least two house batteries
21. I prefer tinted windows
22 i want a black tank back flush
23. I want a desk area
24. I need lots of storage inside and in the basement
25. I need at least one "all the way thru" storage in basement
26. I want the doors to the outside storage areas to be large enough to put in a folding lawn chair
27.  I want the finish on my cabinets and interiors to be light in color so they make it feel roomier
28..... I am sure there will be more....

looking over my list makes me think I will never find a rig that will suits my needs... and I haven't even consulted with my darling bride about this list!  That is going to be the next thing on my list to do...


  1. Here's one for you to consider...a very nice unit.

  2. Thanks... that one is definely worth considering!

  3. It would be interesting to find out your views on this post now that you guys have been on the road for so long. I'm reading the blog start to finish so maybe you address it later. For example the comment to have at least 2000 pound of storage.